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In Harris County, Fort Bend County, and Montgomery County Area.

Parenting Class List

To help our clients and the community, we have created this Parenting Class List of courses that are accepted by the courts, some of which can be completed online depending on what court your case has been assigned to. Note that it is very important to confirm with the presiding judge prior to enrolling whether he or she requires that a parenting course be attended in person rather than completed online, as this list may become outdated as judges change their policies.

Court ordered parenting classes are required in connection with a divorce in Harris County under the local rules for each district, as provided for in the Texas Family Code § 105.009. In Harris County, Local Rule 12 mandates that parents attend and complete a parenting course in divorces joined with suits that affect the parent-child relationship.

In Fort Bend County, Local Rule 11 mandates that parents or other individuals requesting appointment as a conservator of a child attend a parenting class, whether in an original suit or in a modification.

In Montgomery County, Local Rule 4.6 mandates parents attend a parenting course in suits affecting a parent child relationship (which would include a divorce involving children).

Parents are encouraged to attend court ordered parenting classes as early as possible to avoid delay of your divorce being finalized, or having sanctions imposed or custody removed until the course is completed.

Prices for these court ordered parenting classes range from $25 to $70, so we encourage you to read the materials carefully to ensure that your time is well spent and you participate in the program that’s right for you. Also, course details for these parenting classes tends to change; the information provided below is current as of this posting.


Online Parenting Classes*

  • “Family Affairs” $39 ***/****
  • “Parent Class Online –” $29.99 ****
  • “Parenting Choice –” $39.99 ***/****
  • “Parenting Partnership –” $65 **/***
  • “Positive Parenting Through Divorce –” $60 ** (Spanish classes available at this link –
  • “Putting Kids First –” $60 **/**** (May be completed by mail for $70)
  • “Texas Cooperative Parenting Course, for Divorced and Separating Parents –” $34.95 **** (Spanish classes available)

*The 310th District Court in Harris County requires parents attend a classroom setting course.

**The 247th District Court in Harris County suggests the following online courses.

***The 328th District Court in Fort Bend County has approved these online courses.

****The 387th District Court in Fort Bend County has approved these online courses, but you must receive advance approval by the court prior to taking one of these online courses.


Classroom Parenting Classes

DePelchin Children’s Center –

Price: $25

Offered in Spanish


  • One 4 hour class for Helping Children Cope with Divorce
  • 2 hours a week for four weeks for Co-Parenting for Kid’s Sake
  • 2 hours a week for eight weeks for the general Parenting Class


  • 4950 Memorial Dr., Houston, TX 77007 (Houston)
  • 1300 Bay Area Blvd., Houston, TX 77058 (Clear Lake)
  • 10435 Greenbough Dr, Stafford, TX 77477 (Fort Bend County/Stafford)
  • 5309 Decker Dr, Baytown, TX 77521 (Baytown)
  • 1600 Lake Front Cir., Spring, TX 77380 (The Woodlands)


Family Services of Greater Houston –

Price: $40

Offered in Spanish on Tuesdays

Length: 2 hours on two consecutive Thursdays

Location: 4625 Lillian St., Houston, TX 77007


Stop the Conflict –

Price: $45

Location: La Quinta Inn, 4015 Southwest Fwy (at Weslayan), Houston, TX 77027