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When the future of a person’s family is at stake, passions run high and emotions can easily cloud our decisions. This is why it is so important that you use every opportunity at your disposal to help you make the best possible choices for your family. Most family law cases involve a high level of emotion. Mothers and fathers fighting for custody rights, ex-partners refusing to pay alimony or child support, and stubborn spouses refusing to cooperate in the divorce proceedings; it can often seem impossible to remain calm and collected.

One of the best decisions you might ever make in these situations is to seek legal representation from a reputable family law firm. These teams of experienced family law lawyers are skilled in negotiation and mediation. This means they can defuse emotional situations and create a calm space in which all parties involved can discuss what is important. This can help families move through even the toughest of impasses.

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At Skillern Firm, all of our skilled and experienced attorneys can draw upon their many years in dealing with cases just like yours. This means they know exactly how to deal with every scenario and circumstance you may find yourself in. Our track record speaks for itself and we have a long list of happy clients who we have helped achieve favorable outcomes in their family law cases.

By hiring one of our skilled Cypress family law attorneys, you are making a smart decision on behalf of your family. We fight aggressively for our client’s rights and our approach to the attorney-client relationship is second to none. Our main goal is to help you and your family move forwards into a brighter new future, with as little friction as possible. We offer an initial consultation and case evaluation so that you can ask us any important questions you have. We will look through your case, advise you on what we think is the best course of action and if you are comfortable, we can open up lines of communication with warring family members.

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How an Experienced Family Law Attorney Can Help You?

As Texas family law is governed by a long list of complex regulations and statutes, it is exceptionally difficult to navigate without the help of a Cypress, TX family law attorney. The first way that your Cypress family law attorneys are going to prove instrumental, is by helping you file your paperwork correctly and on time. Filing on time and correctly when necessary always looks good in the eyes of the court and is a crucial part of any family law proceeding. It does not matter how easy and straightforward the proceedings might seem, when it comes to family law issues, there is always going to be a lot of paperwork that needs to be filed correctly.

Child custody, contested divorce, child support, and spousal support cases almost always come with some form of heated disagreement between the parties involved. This can often lead to a breakdown in communication, which can stop the proceedings from moving forward. Your attorney will be the one responsible for opening up these lines of communication again through negotiation and mediation. They will be able to advise you in your meetings and will know the best time to halt meetings so everyone can take some space.

Guide To Picking the Best Family Law Firm in Cypress, TX

When you are considering which Cypress, TX law firm you want to represent you, you should consider:

Experience, Past Wins, and Proven Track Record

Any good attorney or law firm should be able to present a proven track record of favorable outcome wins and happy customers. If you are speaking to a law firm and they are hesitant to show you their past wins, it’s a good idea to stay clear.


It is worth remembering that any good attorney that is skilled and experienced in dealing with Texas family law issues, will usually have a full schedule and busy caseload. This means that they may not be available to take your calls or messages at every hour of the day. A really good attorney, however, will still make sure that you feel like they are making time for you. This means they will respond in a prompt manner and make sure they allocate time for you when you really need it.


When it comes to your attorney, you are going to be spending a lot of time with this person as they deal with your case and review matters that may be highly personal. You should always use the consultation and case evaluation time to make sure that you find it easy to speak to them and that your personalities do not clash. You need to feel comfortable with your attorney so that there are no problems when they come with legal guidance when they feel you are making poor decisions. If you do not get along in the first meeting, or find the conversation emotionally draining, go with your gut and look elsewhere.

What Practice Areas We Cover

We have experience with all types of family law here at Skillern Firm, here are some of the practice areas we cover:

Child Custody

We take child custody cases extremely seriously. They are tricky cases as the children must always come first, even if we are representing you personally. Skilled negotiators will be invaluable during child custody cases. Being able to defuse the situation is instrumental in helping warring spouses come to agreements that are in the best interests of their children.

In the heat of the moment, parents can lose sight of what is important and become absorbed in their arguments, especially when there is a heated divorce happening in tandem. In this situation, it can be easy to make decisions from a place of clouded judgment. Remember, in every child custody case, there is nothing as important as the needs of your children. Both you, your partner, and your family law attorney need to put their needs above anything else.

Divorce Cases

Divorce cases always need to be handled with skill and care. Each skilled family law attorney that we employ here at Skillern Firm has experience in the difficult aspects of divorce cases. They know how to divide the marital estate in a fair and reasonable manner and they know how to approach child custody and child support cases in a way that means the discussions do not break down. We always take the time and the energy to help explain your rights, potential options, and what we think is the best possible route for you to take.

High-Asset Divorce and High-Asset Property Divisions

When it comes to divorce between one or two high-net-worth individuals, the division of the marital estate can be much more difficult, especially when there are numerous assets and investments involved. According to Texas marriage law, all of the property that has been obtained during the period of the marriage will usually be automatically classified as community property and if you want to prove otherwise you will need conclusive evidence.

Child Support

Child support has the potential to cause problems for divorcing couples and it is one area of family law that causes the most disagreement in any divorce. At the basic level, the reasoning for child support is simple, when you and your partner are married, you split the responsibility for your children. Together, you ensure their needs are met financially, emotionally, and physically.

This can take different forms, but often looks like one partner continuing to work and one partner leaving their job or career in order to become a stay-at-home parent, looking after the child during the day. When the marriage ends, the needs of the child still need to be met and are still the top priority. If the stay-at-home parent ends up with primary custody, they may need financial support in order to ensure they are still able to provide for their children.

Court Order Modifications

Court orders are extremely serious and need to be followed by everyone involved. However, they are not forever set in stone. They can be changed under the right circumstances if you can prove to the Judge that it is necessary. This isn’t to say that getting a court order modification is an easy affair, quite the opposite. To get a modification you will need to provide a strong argument with solid evidence for your appeal.

One reason for a modification, for example, would be if you have been injured in a way that means you cannot work in the same capacity as you used to and can no longer afford the level of alimony that you were ordered to pay. Another example, and a circumstance that the Judge will almost always listen to and take seriously, is if you think your children are in danger. If you have reasons to believe your ex-spouse has become abusive, the Judge may modify previous custody orders. For the best chances of seeking a modification, you should work with your attorney. They will help you build the strongest case, backed with evidence and proof.


Every party involved should respect and follow any court order they are included in. You cannot simply refuse to pay your child support or alimony for example and you cannot stop your ex-spouse from seeing their children if they have the right to. The courts will usually look dis-favorably upon any parent who engages in “alienation”, which is when a parent attempts to unfairly influence their child’s opinion of the other parent. If your ex-spouse is constantly violating their arrangements, you should make sure you contact your attorney. They will be able to speak to your ex and in the worst case, appeal to the courts for help.

Spousal Support

Spousal support is similar to child support but can be awarded to either party, regardless of the custody arrangement. This usually happens when one party has given up their job for the marriage or children and needs financial support in order to survive outside of the marriage.

Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, over the last few years and throughout the pandemic there has been an increase in the number of reported domestic violence cases that occur in the United States each day. We want you to know that Skillern Firm is here to help and we have a zero-tolerance policy toward domestic violence. If you are currently a victim of domestic violence or abuse, you should contact us immediately so that we can help. As soon as you tell us, we can help you move to a place of safety and file an injunction against your abusive partner, preventing them from contacting you or your children. This will allow you to file your divorce from a place of safety. When it comes to domestic abuse, don’t hesitate; please seek immediate legal aid from our team here at Skillern Firm.

While there has been a rise in domestic violence cases, there has also been a rise in the number of false allegations. Sometimes desperate spouses will use these allegations to influence custody battles. With skilled legal representation, we can help you overcome these accusations and by doing so, we will discredit the other party, allowing you to win custody and prevent your manipulative ex-spouse from becoming the primary custodian.

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When you need representation from a law firm you can place your full faith in Skillern Firm. We have won favorable outcomes for all types of family law clients over the years and we have dealt with cases just like yours. We know how to negotiate, we know how to meditate and we know how to deal with the complexities of Texas family law. When dealing with family law matters you need representation that you can trust, representation that is skilled, experienced, and will fight to protect your rights.

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