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women wearing business casual clothes locking hands. Our Sugar Land women's rights lawyers take pride in protecting women's rights in divorce and other family law issues.

Texas family law considers the rights of men and women equally; no decision regarding child support, child custody, or division of assets should be based on gender.

However, women have unique challenges when navigating the divorce process. You need a family lawyer who is committed to listening to your needs and fighting for your best possible future.

If you are facing a divorce or family law dispute in Sugar Land, Texas, then contact an attorney at Skillern Firm today.

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At Skillern Firm, our women’s rights attorneys have a wealth of experience in family law. Like the Court, we have the best interests of the child at our heart, as well as the interests of our clients.

We pride ourselves on a lawyer-client relationship based on trust and understanding. We are here to guide you through the legal system and lend a sympathetic ear when you need it.

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Issues That Affect Women’s Rights

Although men and women have equal rights under family law, most issues are experienced differently. At Skillern Firm, we work with clients of any gender and take the time to understand specific situations so we can meet our client’s needs and respond to the circumstances of their cases.

Divorcing Your Husband

Divorcing your husband is almost always difficult. It is not uncommon for women to be unhappy for a long time before they finally separate from their partners.

Some experiences women can face before finally filing a divorce include:

  • A controlling husband.
  • Infidelity (cheating husband).
  • Domestic abuse (emotional/physical).
  • Not being respected, heard, or treated as an equal.
  • Parenting dispute regarding step-children.
  • Drug or alcohol abuse.

Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, we have dealt with many cases that involve domestic violence in Sugar Land. In this type of case, it is important to have a law firm by your side who is experienced in these matters and knows how to handle your situation with the consideration and compassion it really needs.

Our law firm will get to work immediately to protect you and your family. It is alway important to contact law enforcement if you are in danger. Thereafter, contacting your family law lawyer is your next step.

We understand how difficult these situations are, and we will never judge. We will handle your case with care and will never turn away from a difficult situation.

Child Support

Where children are involved, their best interests are the most important thing, and this can add a layer of stress and complexity to your case. You and your partner will need to work out where they will live and who will support them.

At Skillern Firm, we strive to achieve the best outcome for the children involved, and we have helped numerous women in moving forward with their lives in regard to issues such as:

  • Child support.
  • Spousal support.
  • Relocation.
  • Financial stability after divorce.
  • Child custody.

Dividing Assets

Texas enforces a community property system, which means that upon divorce, assets are characterized as either community or separate.

Any assets earned during the marriage are usually regarded as community property and are divided equally between both individuals. Any property obtained before marriage is separate and belongs to that individual.

However, dividing assets can become complicated as there can be exceptions and certain assets can prove challenging to divide, such as pensions, stock bonds, and real estate.

Women Attorneys

Some people prefer to work with female attorneys, either because of negative experiences with men or simply because they feel more comfortable speaking to a woman.

We are proud to have seven exceptional women on our team, all with unique skills and experience.

Here is a quick introduction to two female members of our law firm in Sugar Land, Texas:

Kathleen LeFevre – Senior Associate Attorney

Kathleen LeFevre has exclusively practiced family law since she graduated from the University of Houston Law Center in 2012. She handles divorce and child custody disputes and has extensive experience in matters involving international divorces, disabled children, same-sex marriages, complex property divisions, and Hague implications.

Jamie Jordan – Associate Attorney

Jamie is a graduate of South Texas College of Law and a community service advocate in the greater Houston area. A native North Dakotan, she was born and raised in a small farming community and is no stranger to hard work, compassion, dedication and commitment to those she represents. Jamie is well versed in representing clients in contested custody matters, complex property issues, mediations and settlement negotiations. Jamie has been practicing law in the Fort Bend County area for the past 13 years.  

Family Law

While there are some federal laws that apply to family law, the majority fall under state jurisdiction. In Texas, the statutory rules that apply are in the Texas Family Code.   

Laws are constantly changing to keep up with the challenges modern families face. It is also filled with difficult language that can be challenging to understand. An experienced family attorney knows these laws and will understand how to navigate the legal process to ensure your rights are protected.

It is important to have a lawyer look over any divorce or child custody agreement to make sure you are getting a fair deal. Once you have these things in place, they can be very difficult to change.

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Skillern Firm is committed to protecting women’s rights in Sugar Land, Texas. Our law firm will fight strongly and tirelessly to secure the best outcomes for our clients.

When you agree to seek legal advice and representation from Skillern Firm, you will be putting your faith in experienced and reputable attorneys. We value the attorney-client relationship and will be available for you when you need us.

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