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When faced with a divorce, many women are left feeling alienated and anxious about what their future holds for them. For this reason, many women stay in unhappy marriages for much longer than they should.

At Skillern Firm, we are here to support you through your divorce and ensure that you can walk away feeling confident about your future. You should not have to make sacrifices to the way you live your life, and it is essential that your rights are protected.

The outcome of family law matters such as child custody, spousal support, child support, and property division are integral to your future. It is, therefore, extremely important that you have a law firm that understands the importance of this process and will fight for the best outcome possible.

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Choosing a law firm is an important decision; a divorce decree is legally binding, and it is vital that your rights are protected.

Skillern Firm is committed to protecting women’s rights in Cypress, Texas. Our family law attorneys truly care about what you are going through and will go above and beyond to ensure the best possible future.

Whether your circumstances require negotiation or litigation skills, we are prepared to handle even the most complex cases with the personal attention they deserve.

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Family Law Matters That Affect Women’s Rights

Family law cases in Texas must be handled without gender bias. However, legal issues are often experienced differently by different genders. Family law issues that may be experienced differently by men and women include:

Child Custody

Determining child custody is often one of the biggest challenges that ex-spouses face. At Skillern Firm, we always prioritize the children and are dedicated to securing an outcome in their best interests.

Our trained mediators can help you and your ex-spouse come to a parenting arrangement using mediation, and if that is not possible, we will present your case in court.

Child Support

When marriages end, it is important that both parents continue to contribute financially to the upbringing of any children. Usually, whoever has primary custody of the child should claim child support from the other parent. This ensures financial security and protects the child’s way of life.

Spousal Support

Spousal support allows both spouses to maintain the same standard of living after a divorce. It is common for women to give up employment opportunities to care for children or a home, and this should be taken into consideration when determining how much you receive in alimony.

Dividing Assets

In Texas, property is divided into separate or community property. Separate property can be defined as anything that belonged to each individual prior to the marriage. Under Texas family law, this property will continue to belong to that individual even after the marriage ends.

Community property is anything that was attained during the marriage and is usually split equitably upon divorce.

Property division can become complex, as certain assets such as pensions, or stock bonds can be challenging to divide. It is essential that all assets are taken into account and that your rights are protected.

Domestic Violence

You have a right to feel safe and secure. Domestic violence is a serious breach of this. We understand how hard it can be to reach out for help but Skillern Firm can provide the dedicated care your case needs.

If you inform us about domestic abuse, we will work immediately to apply for an injunction with the court to prevent your spouse from seeing or speaking to you.

We are here to protect your rights and lend a sympathetic ear when you need it.

Benefits Of Using Mediation

Many couples are surprised to find that several disputes can be resolved using mediation, and how an attorney can play an integral role in helping you and your spouse come to agreements.

At Skillern Firm, we will guide you in mediation and negotiation to come to sensible and fair agreements wherever possible. Sometimes agreements cannot be reached and in those situations, we will use our skill in litigation to fight for you in the courtroom if necessary.

Modification of Order

Court orders following a divorce are legally binding, however, if there has been a substantial change in circumstances that you can evidence, then the Judge may consider modifications.

Reasons for a modification include no longer being able to pay the same amount in spousal support due to a lower wage, job loss, or an illness that means that you can no longer maintain the same custody arrangement.

You can also seek modifications if you are concerned about your ex-spouse’s behavior around the children or if you think they might be misusing drugs or alcohol.

If you are seeking a modification, then speak to Skillern Firm today, we will help you to make sure that you have all the legal documents you need and that you have the evidence necessary to support your claim.

What To Do If Your Ex-Spouse is in Violation of an Order?

It is important that both parties comply with the terms set out in a divorce decree. Court orders are legally binding and if your ex-spouse repeatedly violates them then you have a right to file a contempt proceeding.

For example, if they are not paying child support then the court could seize their assets. Your Cypress women’s rights lawyer will help you hold your ex-spouse accountable.

Recovery of Attorney Fees

You may be concerned about how you will pay for a law firm. If your spouse has significantly more funds than you, then it would be unfair for them to have quality representation while you go without. They might even draw out the process on purpose to raise your legal fees and price you out.

If this is the case, then you may be able to have your attorney fees compensated for by your ex-spouse.

Divorce Lawyer FAQ

Q: Do courts favor the mother over the father?

A: Men and women should be treated equally under the law, and the court is required to make family law decisions without gender bias.

Q: How long does a divorce take in Texas?

A: Texas requires a minimum 60-day waiting period between filing and finalizing a divorce. The whole divorce process can take as little as four months if there are no contested issues. However, for more complex divorces and those where children are involved, it is not uncommon for them to take up to two years!

At Skillern Firm, we will help speed up the process using mediation, which saves time on waiting for court dates.

Q: Can I be represented by another woman?

A: Some women feel more comfortable being represented by another woman, and we are more than happy to accommodate this. Skillern Firm is comprised of many female attorneys who have the skills, experience, and resources necessary to handle your case.

Q: Do grandparents have custody rights in Texas?

A: Grandparents can apply for custody in Texas if a child’s parents are unable to care for them. Contact Skillern Firm today to find out how we can help.

Q: What are temporary orders in Texas?

A: Divorce decrees often take a lot of time, therefore the court may issue a temporary order so that you have guidance on aspects such as who a child lives with and who stays in the family home. These temporary orders will be overruled by your divorce decree.

What Traits Should I Look For in a Women’s Rights Attorney?

Many of our clients have never needed an attorney before which can make searching for the right representation feel overwhelming. Especially when such important issues are at stake as child custody.

Here are a couple of things you should consider when making your choice:


The most important thing you should look for in an attorney is their experience and track record. A high-quality women’s rights attorney will be able to show you evidence of their previous wins, and positive testimonials from their other clients.


Although a good family law attorney is likely to have a full caseload, they should still have time to keep you informed throughout your divorce case. While you may not get instant replies they should reply promptly, and be available to answer your concerns.

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Skillern Firm is committed to women’s rights in Cypress, TX. We value our attorney-client relationship above all else and will fight for the best possible outcome of your case.

Our goal is to leave you confident about your future as a woman.

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