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Even for families that are composed of level-headed and calm individuals, family law matters can quickly lead to chaos and arguments. When you are dealing with your loved ones or ex-spouses, reason often goes out of the window, and we make poor judgment calls.

In these situations, a Hedwig Village area family law lawyer can make all the difference. Acting as your mediator and negotiator, even families in the highest conflict situations are surprised by what they can achieve. Negotiation and mediation help defuse the situation, allowing both sides of the table to calm down and come to an agreement.

When you are dealing with matters that may influence both your and your family’s lives for years to come, hiring an attorney dedicated to family law is always a smart move.

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How Can an Experienced Hedwig Village Family Law Lawyer Help?

When it comes to family law matters, one of the most important tasks an attorney should fulfill is the role of negotiator. A negotiator will arrange meetings between two clients, such as spouses who are trying to divorce, ex-spouses fighting for custody, and other family members.

Often clients find that simply having an attorney there means that neither party loses their temper and that discussions move on quickly and without conflict with their presence. However, if the discussions begin to break down and tempers rise, the negotiating attorney can call a stop to the meeting or defuse the situation.

It is normal to feel vulnerable and invested while making these decisions; after all, they could influence the rest of your life. It is always important to remember, however, that emotions can affect your judgment. Ex-spouses may make spiteful comments or decisions just to hurt the other party.

If mediation and negotiation does not work, your Hedwig Village family law lawyer will be prepared and ready to fight for your rights in court in front of the family law Judge. At this point, if the opposing party has representation and you do not, you are at an immediate disadvantage.

Our Practice Areas

Here at Skillern Firm, we cover all types of family law:

Divorce Cases

It is extremely rare for divorcing spouses to be on friendly or even amicable terms. Often the decision to divorce has been made by one side, and the other side is not pleased with the decision.

Often the party calling for divorce is angry or fed up, and the other party may be devastated by the decisions, and these emotions can easily lead to a breakdown in the process.

It is important that you work together with your spouse, and as your Hedwig Village family law lawyer, we will try to create a space where you can discuss important matters. Especially when there are children involved, it is extremely important that you and your spouse try to reduce conflict as it can affect your children.

Divorce Lawyer for Women

Child Custody

One of the sorest topics for most divorcing spouses is when both parties want custody of their children. Usually, neither party wants to give any ground here, and it will be down to your attorney to remind you and balance the needs of your child. After all, decisions should be made in their best interest.

Discussions about child custody often implode and break down; this is where skilled negotiators prove their worth. They will attempt to always steer the discussions, defuse them wherever possible, and call an end to meetings if they are becoming unproductive.

Remember, studies have shown that it is always in the child’s best interest to maintain access to both parents wherever that is possible unless there is a strong reason. We believe this is true, and the courts believe it as well.

Marital Estate Division

The division of a marriage’s worth of property and assets can lead to friction and arguments. On one side, you usually have the spouse who was the main provider, who believes they should retain more as they paid for more. On the other side, you may have a spouse who gave up their career to look after the house and kids. Their sacrifice needs to be noted too.

High-Asset Divorce and Property Division

If a divorcing couple has a high-net-worth or they own assets of a high value, it becomes even trickier to split their assets, especially if they are tied up in stocks, investments, or retirement funds.

Your attorney may need to draw upon expert help to accurately calculate what these are worth and help you divide them.

Child Support

As parents, you share responsibilities to your children. These include providing for them both physically, financially, and emotionally and ensuring their needs are met. As a partnership, it is easy to split these tasks.

This looks different for every family. For some, one spouse may quit their job or reduce their hours while the other spouse continues as the main provider.

After the divorce, child custody may go to the spouse who gave up their career, and as the needs of the child must still be met by both parties, this may mean they require financial assistance.

In these situations, child support may be awarded to that party to allow both them and the child to continue to live to the same standard. Your attorney will know how to calculate fair and reasonable child support payments.

Court Order Modifications

Court orders are serious binding documents that are often awarded as the result of family law cases. These orders are binding, and if you are named within, you must follow them. If you fail to follow them, there will be punishments and repercussions.

Common court orders include child support and child custody orders, and spousal support.

This means you cannot decide to stop paying your child support or spousal support, it won’t go away, and the courts will not look favorably upon anyone who ignores the orders.

Under the right circumstances, however, you can have your orders modified. For the courts to listen to applications for a modification, they will expect you to prove evidence of a strong change in your circumstances.

For example, if you have lost your job or developed a disability and can no longer afford your spousal support, they may reduce your payments.

Recovery of Attorney Fees

Sometimes, when spouses are fighting with their partners, one party may have a larger pool of funds to draw upon. This means they may attempt to win through attrition, drawing the process out in an attempt to bleed your money.

This tactic is unfair, and if you believe your spouse is engaging in behavior like this, you need to inform your family law lawyer. They can help you provide a compelling case backed with evidence to prove that this is happening, and if the courts agree, the Judge may recover your fees from your spouse.


Court orders are legally binding, which means you must follow them. If your spouse has decided to ignore their orders, it can become extremely stressful, and you may need intervention.

As long as the incident is not an isolated one, the courts will listen, and they will get involved if necessary. Your attorney may also get in touch and  explain to them that if they do not stop their behavior, you may have to obtain court involvement.

Spousal Support

If you have made large sacrifices in your life, such as giving up a career or the chance for education in order to look after the family home or children, you may need financial support once you have divorced.

Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse occurs on a daily basis around the United States, and family law matters involving violence and abuse need to be handled delicately.

We will assist you if you are considering divorce because of a violent spouse. We can inform you of how to contact the authorities and will file your divorce for you. We can also help you seek an injunction that will provide additional protection to you and your family while you deal with divorce proceedings.

False Domestic Abuse Allegations

In some cases we have dealt with, false accusations of domestic abuse have been used as a tactic to win custody or support. This is a malicious tactic, and if you believe this is happening, we can help you fight these claims.

We have handled cases like this before, and with experienced representation, you can not only fight these accusations, but you can discredit your spouse in the process.

Father’s Rights Cases

What Traits Should I Look For in a Harris County Texas Family Law Lawyer?

Deciding which attorney you want to represent you is a tough decision, one that requires a lot of thought. If you have never needed an attorney before, it can be difficult to know what to look for.

Here is what we advise you to look for in a family law attorney:


In our opinion, experience is the most important thing to look for. You should make sure your potential attorney has a long history of successful cases under their belt. They should be more than happy to provide you with their victories and previous referrals.

Another good idea is to check independent review sites like AVVO. These sites give independent ratings to attorneys based on their years of service, accreditations, awards, accolades, and reviews from previous clients.


You should ensure that your family law attorney covers the Hedwig Village, TX area, as it will ensure they are familiar with local courts and judges.

Remember, though, that a good attorney will have a full caseload. This means they may not be able to respond to you immediately. You should, however, feel like they allocate you enough time and respond to your queries promptly.

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All of our attorneys are equally as skilled in negotiation and mediation as they are in litigation. This means they are ready to handle your case, whatever it looks like.

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