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Who is The Best Divorce Lawyer Near Me?

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Legal separation is an overwhelming prospect for most people. Suddenly, you have to make important decisions and understand legal processes regarding child support, child custody, marital property division, and various other legal issues. A divorce decree is legally binding, so the arrangements you agree upon could have a big impact on the rest of your life. That is why it is so important to seek high-quality legal assistance.

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At Skillern Firm, we are proud of the legal services we provide to our clients. We are committed to helping people navigate family law issues, including child custody and visitation, child support, property division, spousal support, and more. We use our legal experience to secure the best possible outcome for you, while also remaining a solid source of support and comfort when you need it. We want you to feel secure and confident in your choice of attorney. So here are the various aspects you can look for when choosing a divorce lawyer.

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When Should I Contact a Divorce Lawyer?

Be Careful About Advertisements

Most people entering the divorce process have never needed an attorney before. This can make it tempting to contact an attorney from the first advertisement they see. Advertisements have been designed to be eye-catching, but a fancy advertisement does not always equate to a good attorney. It is important to do your research. If you do see an advertisement, then be sure to check their website, look at independent reviews, and seek an initial consultation before you agree to representation.

Qualities To Look For in the Best Divorce Attorneys

Finding a divorce lawyer who not only has the experience and resources to handle your case but who also truly cares about you and will take the time to understand your priorities can be a challenge.

Find a Firm That Prioritizes Negotiation and Mediation

Relying on the court to solve the issues related to your divorce is stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. Judges prefer to see that couples at least try to come to decisions on their own, and may even give you a court-ordered mediator if you do not have your own. The best family law attorneys will be trained in mediation and negotiation, allowing you and your ex-spouse to come to personalized arrangements. This will save you time and money, as you will not have to wait for several court dates. It also helps you and your ex-spouse remain amicable and protects children from conflict. At Skillern Firm, we always prioritize mediation where possible. Many couples are amazed by what they can achieve with our help. We will guide you through your divorce in a way that protects your interests and if court involvement is necessary, then we will also be prepared to fight for you in front of a judge.

Find a Local Law Firm

Some law firms represent people in many states across the country, but when it comes to divorces and other family law matters, this puts you at a major disadvantage. Divorce law varies widely between states, and it is important that your attorney understands the laws in your state and has experience representing people in your local court. Most couples will also benefit from in-person mediation. If your attorney cannot be physically present, then it limits the quality of support that they can offer you.

Skillern Firm only represents people in Texas, which gives us an in-depth knowledge of state law. We also know most family law judges and have represented people in courts across the state. This experience could prove invaluable. Our practice areas include Sugar Land, Houston, Harris County, Fort Bend County, Katy, Cypress, and Montgomery County.

Family Law Specialization

An attorney practicing law will sometimes focus on a specific type of law, such as family law. If an attorney claims to do it all from immigration law to criminal defense, then you may want to question whether they can understand the complexities of your case. Family law is complicated, therefore you want an attorney who has plenty of experience handling cases similar to yours. At Skillern Firm, we only represent people in family law matters. This narrow focus gives us an in-depth understanding of the specific legal issues related to your family law case.

Proven Track Record

Any divorce attorney should be able to show you testimonials from their previous clients and evidence of successful outcomes for clients who were in a similar position to you. Regardless of how you find an attorney, through a google search, recommendation, or advertisement, you should look at independent review sites such as AVVO. AVVO rates attorneys on things like years in service, awards, and client reviews. At Skillern Firm, we are always eager to present our previous wins to our potential clients. Our managing attorney, Mathew Skillern boasts an AVVO rating of 10.0, which is the highest possible rating!

Local Courtroom Experience

The trial record of a family law attorney is also important. Although mediation may be the preferred method for dealing with your case, they should be prepared to fight for your rights in court if necessary. At Skillern Firm, we want what’s best for our clients and their families. This usually means limiting conflict and court battles wherever possible. However, we have handled countless complex cases for clients in the courtroom and we have the resources and skills necessary to do the same for you if needed.

Personal Considerations

There may be specific areas of significance in your case, such as high-value assets or a complex custody battle. In these cases, you will need an attorney with experience in these matters. At Skillern Firm, we are proud of our diverse team. All of our attorneys specialize in family law and have different levels of experience in issues that could be relevant to your case. We will assign the best attorney to your case based on your specific needs.

Professional Associations

All attorneys must belong to a Bar Association. Bar Associations enforce ethical standards and promote professional conduct. Mathew Skillern is associated with the Houston Bar Association, State Bar of Texas, and the Fort Bend County Bar Association.

Peer Recognition

Recognitions communicate to you that a firm has good values and that they have been recognized in service by other legal professionals. Our attorneys have received many awards. For example, Kathleen LeFevre, a Senior Associate at Skillern Firm has achieved Top Family Lawyer 2018 by Houstonia and Texas Rising Star Attorney 2019 by Thomson Reuters.


Divorce can evoke a lot of emotions and personal issues, therefore it’s important that your attorney has the same values as you. At Skillern Firm, we always prioritize any children involved in a case and will put their needs before everything else. We strive to minimize conflict and work out a solution that works for our clients and their children.


The best divorce lawyers are always in high demand and will have a full caseload, but that shouldn’t stop them from taking the time to keep you informed at every step of the process. While you shouldn’t expect 24/7 access, they should be prompt to answer your questions and be willing to lend a sympathetic ear when you need it. At Skillern Firm, we pride ourselves on our approach to the attorney-client relationship. We will maintain communication with you throughout your divorce case and will be prompt in our responses when you need us.

A Comfortable Relationship

Although things like experience and honors can give you a hint as to the quality of an attorney, one important factor that is often overlooked is how comfortable you feel speaking with them. You and your attorney will spend a lot of time together and they will be heavily involved in a process that is highly personal to you. Therefore, you should have a comfortable relationship, you should find it easy to talk to them and they should be compassionate about your needs. In your initial consultation at Skillern Firm, you will have the opportunity to assess how comfortable your attorney makes you feel so that you can make an informed choice about representation.

Experience Handling Cases Involving Domestic Violence

If you have experienced domestic violence at the hands of your spouse, then it is essential that you seek representation from an attorney with experience handling situations similar to yours. At Skillern Firm, we have handled cases involving domestic violence and we understand the care and consideration these cases require. If you are still in danger, then we will help you secure a court order to keep your spouse away from you. That way, you can move forward with your divorce from a place of safety. We understand how difficult it is to take the first steps, but we are here to help you navigate your case and will provide a safe place for you to speak about your experiences.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Get a Divorce in Texas?

If you and your spouse agree on all issues, then you can file for a divorce without an attorney. However, that decision should be made with caution. It is common for separating spouses to have clouded judgment and they may agree to things that they later regret. A divorce decree places legal obligations on you and your spouse and it could have a big impact on you and your children for the rest of your life. It is essential that decisions are made with children’s best interests at heart and that property is divided in a just and fair manner.

An attorney will have no emotional investment in your divorce case, which means that they can help you make decisions from a place of clarity. They can also mediate between you and your spouse without judgment. Divorces involve a lot of paperwork, and any mistakes can cost time and money. Your divorce attorney will ensure all paperwork is filled out in lien with up-to-date legislation and that everything is submitted on time.

Who is the Best Divorce Lawyer Near Me?

The right divorce attorney can make a big impact on the outcome of your divorce. It is essential that you have guidance from someone with the experience necessary to fight for you and who will also take the time to understand your needs. At Skillern Firm, we will work tirelessly to protect your rights. Contact us today and arrange a consultation so that you can decide if we are the right fit for your case.

Contact us today at (832) 210-2669.

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