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Divorces can be stressful and, considering the emotions involved, have the potential to become extremely difficult for both parties. When one or both parties have a high-net-worth it can be even more complicated. In these cases, it’s highly recommended that you hire a skilled and experienced attorney to help you sort through your marital estate and assets. Here at Skillern Firm, we deal with divorces like this on a daily basis and we know exactly how to divide assets in a fair and reasonable manner that will be hard to dispute.

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The team here, at Skillern Firm, is made up of experienced Texas family law attorneys. We prioritize the attorney-client relationship, meaning we will listen compassionately, fight your corner aggressively, and advise you using our extensive experience. Get in touch with one of our Katy high-net-worth lawyers to arrange an initial consultation where we can evaluate your case and advise you on the best course of action we think you should take. We want you to move on to a brighter new future as easily and as smoothly as possible.

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How Are Assets Divided in a Katy High Net Worth Divorce?

In a high-asset divorce, you and your spouse will often have a larger number of assets and investments to sort through compared to the average divorce. This is where things get more complicated. As Texas is a community property state, in Katy, TX the marital property is split up into community property and separate property.

Community Property Division

In accordance with this Law, all property acquired by the couple throughout the marriage is automatically considered community property. This means that the property is jointly owned and shared equally between both parties. This can apply to real estate, businesses, and any other substantial asset or investment. Judges in Katy, TX have multiple ways of dealing with the division of community property. They do not always have to split the property into a 50-50 share. They may also follow an equitable distribution, deciding what split is fair. Your team of Katy divorce lawyers will know the best route to take to ensure your future, which is one of the reasons why hiring a skilled team of family lawyers can prove instrumental in receiving what is fair and reasonable in the proceedings.

Separate Property Division

Under the same Texas family law, if you obtained assets, investments, or property before the marriage, these assets are classified as separate property, which usually means that they belong solely to that individual. However there may be exceptions to this which an experienced high asset divorce attorney will be able to review with you.

Important Considerations

Other considerations for you and your Katy, TX high-net-worth divorce attorney to address may include:

  • Is there any separate property that by law, is not able to be divided?

  • Did you or your spouse sign a prenup before the marriage?

  • Is there a large income disparity between you and your spouse?

  • Is the other spouse hiding assets, income, or investments?

  • What will happen to the main residence?

  • Will there be any child custody agreements, child support, or alimony?

  • Do we need the help of experts or business attorneys to help value assets and investments?

Child Support

If you and your spouse have children, child support can often become a very contentious  subject during the divorce proceedings. In your married partnership, you both share the responsibility to look after your child and ensure their needs were met. After the divorce, this is still the case and if one spouse needs child support to ensure these needs are met, this will need to be agreed upon during the proceedings. Here at Skillern Firm, we want to work with you to help smooth over any disagreements. We use negotiation and mediation to help defuse arguments and will work tirelessly to ensure that an agreement is made that is in the best interests of any children involved.

Valuing And Dividing Complex Asset Portfolios

High-net-worth divorce often involves businesses, foreign assets, bonds, and other complex assets. At Skillern Firm, our high-net-worth divorce lawyers have extensive experience that allows us to locate and value assets such as:

  • Life insurance policies.

  • Trusts.

  • Retirement accounts.

  • Patents and intellectual property.

  • Rights and royalties.

  • Private and public companies.

  • Stocks and bonds.

  • Oil and mineral rights.

  • Foreign employee benefit plans.

  • Domestic and foreign real estate.

In divorces where one spouse has a much higher net worth, divorces can be very complicated. Luckily, a skilled divorce lawyer will be able to help you navigate your complex divorce, dividing marital assets in a way that is fair and reasonable for both you and your spouse. Our law office has dealt with cases like yours before, so do not hesitate to get in touch.

Stock Options And Retirement Assets

One of the most difficult aspects of high-asset legal separation our law firm has to deal with is when the marital assets include a lot of investments and assets that have the potential to payout in the future, such as stock options. If these are not correctly valued during the divorce, your settlement may end up one-sided and unfair. If your spouse has stock options through their employment, an expert may need to be brought in to help accurately value these assets. Our high-net divorce lawyers here at Skillern Firm will be able to document and value all assets, from retirement accounts to intellectual property and everything in between. We will fight as hard as possible to ensure that you receive fair and reasonable treatment in your divorce, regardless of whether you are the higher-earning spouse or the lower-earning spouse.


Q: What is a high-asset divorce?

A: A high-asset divorce is usually where one spouse in the marriage has more substantial assets than the other or when both parties have a high-net-worth.

Q: Does a good divorce lawyer make a difference?

A: When there are large complex assets involved, legal representation from a skilled divorce attorney can prove instrumental in receiving a fair and reasonable outcome. With a divorce attorney on your side, your divorce will be handled quicker, smoother and you will almost always end up with a more favorable outcome.

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Our law firm offers an initial consultation and case evaluation where you can ask our law firm any questions you may have so you can seek advice on your individual case before you make any decisions. We will guide you through the divorce process as quickly as possible, so give our team a call today at (281)-819-6866.