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When separating from a partner, whether through a divorce or for any other reason, thoughts quickly turn to the well-being of the children in the relationship. Divorce and separation give everyone involved plenty to think about, and some fathers immediately assume that their former spouse takes priority in what happens next.

However, it’s vital to remember that parental rights are equal under Texas law. A father’s rights are just as significant when discussing everything from child custody to child support orders.

Of course, making these decisions is not always straightforward, and deciding what is best for your children can give rise to a multitude of legal issues. As with anything involving the law, it is always highly advisable to consult a family law attorney from a reputable law firm to stand the best chance of favorable outcomes.

If you reside in the Piney Point Village area and feel that family law attorneys can make a difference in your case, Skillern Firm is here to help.

Skillern Firm – Your Local Family Law Experts

With a history of success in family law cases throughout Texas, Skillern Firm can provide the legal expertise you need, combined with an unwavering commitment to protecting every father’s rights.

With an office location in Houston and another in Sugar Land, our team of experienced family law attorneys is ready to help clients to achieve the best possible outcomes, spanning both now and the future.

The attorney-client relationship begins when you call us for an initial consultation. Our team will establish the details of your case and schedule an in-depth conversation with the appropriate lawyers.

That initial call is entirely confidential, and we will immediately help you understand the process and provide answers to your most pressing legal questions. From there, we will put your interests first. From taking on the responsibility to protect your rights as a father, all the way through to trial where necessary, we will fight alongside you at every stage of the process.

Our law firm is here when you need us. Call our office now at 936-213-8479.

How Our Texas Parental Rights Lawyers Can Help

Unsurprisingly, the primary reason to seek advice from a Texas parental rights lawyer is to ensure that every action you take complies with Texas law. Our attorneys are vastly experienced in working with families at every stage of life, helping to address concerns and seek the best possible legal resolution. Whether the process involves negotiation, mediation, or lands in a Texas court, our clients can rest assured that they have full access to the legal resources they need for a positive outcome.

A family attorney can also prove invaluable throughout every stage of your family law case. This may involve gathering evidence and time-sensitive information to back up or defend claims or handling communication between all parties as they decide what is best for their family.

In addition to helping fathers to make decisions and put forth their cases, we can also assist with enforcement. Even decisions made with the best intentions do not always work out in practice, and issues with child support orders, child custody, and visitation rights often require additional legal guidance.

The Attorney-Client Relationship

While we help ensure that every action and decision takes Texas law into account, we work with clients on a more personal level. Our lawyers understand the pressures families face when handling legal issues involving children. It is not unusual for fathers to feel isolated when they may have had a strong bond with their spouse, but a capable parental rights lawyer in Texas can help alleviate any concerns while providing hope and guidance for the future.

Protecting Your Legal Rights

As noted, some clients believe that a father’s rights are in some way inferior to those of the mother. However, if a child custody case lands in front of a Texas Judge, their priority will be the overall best interests and well-being of the child. Both former partners have identical parental rights when making their case in court, providing that the father’s rights are recognized in law.

In Texas, where a child is born in marriage, the father automatically gains the same legal rights as the mother. Outside wedlock, paternity must be established independently.

In many cases, paternity is voluntarily assigned using an Acknowledgement of Paternity form. This form is often signed in the hospital before the family leaves following the birth and confers full legal rights to the father.

In some cases, a father may have to pursue involuntary paternity. These issues arise when a spouse is unwilling to voluntarily recognize the father’s rights to contribute to their child’s life. Of course, these cases can work in multiple directions. A father may seek to fight to establish their legal rights, but a mother may also request that a Judge adjudicates legal parenthood in court.

If you are not currently recognized as the legal father of your child, your Texas parental rights lawyer can help. They can gather evidence as part of their legal services and can, where necessary, request a DNA test to prove paternity conclusively.

Once a court successfully establishes paternity, a Judge can issue an order adjudicating parentage. At this point, the father’s rights become equal to those of the mother when making decisions on behalf of their children.

The Importance of a Child’s Best Interests

While parental rights are hugely important, and it is vital to protect them, a court will consider much more than the wishes of each parent and their lawyers following a divorce. From child custody to support payments and the visitation schedule, a presiding Judge must always consider the individual needs of the child and how those needs will be met.

In practice, this means considering evidence and often hearing testimony from multiple concerned parties before finalizing any decisions. Texas law also states that if the child in question is aged 12 or over, they may contribute their preference for the Judge to take into consideration.

Stability of Family Life

A Judge will consider stability when presiding over child custody cases as they wish to ensure that children avoid unnecessary disruption. The family home is often a significant factor in ensuring stability. Some couples divide their property in such a way that the married home is disposed of following their separation. However, if one spouse continues to live there, this is often viewed as beneficial for their education and the continuation of the wider family network.

Conversely, a parent that spends significant amounts of time in a different county or even country may find themselves at a disadvantage. One of a family law attorney’s key services involves accounting for a parent’s lifestyle and attempting to present a case that represents the stability and consistency a child needs.

Child and Spousal Safety

There are no limits to how far back a court may go when assessing a parent’s suitability to care for their child. Any history of violence or abuse anywhere in the nation can compromise any assertion of parental rights following a divorce.

Once again, lawyers can provide the resources needed to either defend or support any accusations as part of their motivation to operate in the best interests of children.

Meeting Your Child’s Needs

Above anything else, anyone making legally binding decisions on behalf of children must ensure that the children in question are in no way disadvantaged. This means ensuring that their physical, mental, and emotional well-being are accounted for and that they can access the resources needed to continue their development in each of these areas.

Once again, this relies heavily on the unique requirements of the specific child. If they have unique requirements, such as through disability, these needs will be addressed directly and will significantly influence any decisions made.

No Father Needs to Be Alone

It is vital for fathers to remember that no matter the specific scenario, they have as much right as anyone else to contribute to the decisions made about their child. While not every case is straightforward, and there is often a need for compromise and communication, your attorney will fight to ensure that your right to contribute to significant decisions is always respected.

If you have any doubts or concerns involving family law, it is always advisable to speak to an experienced professional and that’s precisely what you will find at Skillern Firm.

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Whether you are currently involved with divorce proceedings and require assistance from lawyers to move on to the next phase, or you want to ensure that your wishes for your children are respected and require support, Skillern Firm is here to help.

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