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Skillern Firm takes a refreshingly different approach to family law and divorce. When you work with a divorce lawyer from our office, we see the success of your case as a team effort. Our experienced group of family law attorneys is here to support and guide you as you go through the vast and intricate legal landscape of family law. We want to empower you to make the best decisions in your divorce case, so your attorney will take the time to educate you about how the law applies to your particular situation. By providing you with the necessary legal knowledge and background on your case, we can chart a successful course towards a bright future for you and your family--together.

When it comes to commitment to your divorce case, our team of seasoned lawyer will remain committed and determined throughout the duration of your case, and we will keep you readily informed every step of the way. At Skillern Firm, each attorney takes a tempered, two-pronged approach when taking on your family law case: with Fierceness and with Compassion.


    Because divorce and other types of family law cases can easily become emotionally charged, our attorney's ultimate goal is to settle your case in the fairest and most amicable way possible. But if challenges arise (and more often than not, they will), our attorneys will fight even harder to ensure the most successful resolution to your divorce case. Whether we are dealing with challenges that arise inside or outside the courtroom, our divorce attorney will tackle those obstacles with the utmost professionalism. You can trust that when you choose one of our family law attorneys to represent you, our attorney will not rest in our pursuit of securing your legal rights. Rest assured, your divorce lawyer will be completely dedicated to bringing your divorce case to a positive close, and we will battle for you and your best interests until the end!


    Your family law case may be the most important legal issue you ever face in your life. It can also be the most emotionally and financially challenging life event you may ever experience. Our Skillern Firm Family Law Attorney know how difficult and painful dealing with a divorce or other family law issues can be. Your lawyer will take your case, and all the emotions that come with it, very seriously. Our team of dedicated law associates will be with you every step of the way, empowering you with the knowledge to make wise choices in regards to your case. You can trust us to not only be relentless in our pursuit of the best possible solution for you, but we will also take into consideration how much this process is both emotionally and financially impacting you. At Skillern Firm, we may be relentless, but you can always trust our divorce attorney to hear your concerns about your case.

To learn more about how our fierce and compassionate divorce attorney can help you with your divorce or other family legal matters, call our firm today for a consultation.

Family Law Areas of Practice

Our Divorce Lawyers practice and provide expert counsel to both families and individuals who are facing life-changing obstacles and situations including:

  • Divorce Mediation
  • Divorce Trial
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Property Division
  • Adoption
  • Custody Modification
  • Custody Enforcement
  • Premarital Agreements
  • Postmarital Agreements
  • Paternity

Our 4-Step Process

At Skillern Firm, each divorce lawyer uses a four-step process to get results for your divorce case.

  • Consult - Step 1 in a successful divorce

    Step 1: Consult

    Every client's divorce case has its unique aspects. Our divorce lawyers pride themselves by not taking a cookie cutter approach to divorce cases. By meeting with an attorney for a consultation, we can better understand the needs of your particular divorce case and then tailor our expertise to fit your case best. Whether you are trying to prove paternity, modify your child support or child custody arrangements, create a premarital agreement, or start divorce proceedings, the attorneys at Skillern Firm are here to assist you.

  • Prepare - Step 2 in a successful divorce

    Step 2: Prepare

    Your divorce case is very important to us, so in addition, the time that we invest to extensively research and thoroughly understand your situation, our divorce attorneys firmly believe that investing the time to answer all of your questions helps us to help you even better. By having you on the same page as our divorce lawyer, you can feel empowered to make the best decisions for your case.

  • Negotiate - Step 3 in a successful divorce

    Step 3: Negotiate

    As a boutique family law firm, we offer premium, customized representation at a lower cost than larger law firms. Divorce and other legal battles can be fraught with anger and anguish, as well as can become quite costly. With that in mind, our attorneys prefer to resolve cases outside of the courtroom through negotiation and mediation. Our nimble and experienced team of lawyers will bring our very best negotiation skills to your case.

  • Litigate - Step 4 in a successful divorce

    Step 4: Litigate

    If negotiation or mediation is not the best fit for your case, if we have to go to trial, we will be ready to fight our hardest for you on your divorce case. We will be your fiercest advocates both in and out of the courtroom. Our strong team of divorce attorneys will do what it takes to protect your rights. We aim to ensure that you come out of the litigation process with what you need for your life moving forward.

Client Reviews

Hear from our Houston family law & divorce clients how we have helped them with their family law cases. This is just a sample of the many satisfied clients we have assisted over the years. You can expect similar results when you choose Skillern Firm to handle your family law case.

Timely and Positive

Mr. Skillern handled my divorce, and I could not be happier about how things were handled. Understanding, thorough, informative and completely honest. I did not have a particularly high opinion of lawyers in general, but I must say if there is any truth to the perception Matthew and his office are the exception. I always felt heard, I never felt shorted, and it was never handled like a war. That is the way it should happen if at all possible. I appreciate everything he and his staff did to make a very stressful and painful time bearable. If you find yourself traveling down this road, a better guide, you will never find. He’s a credit to his profession. Thanks, my friend.

Cunnie on Avvo Stars

Wipes the floor with the opposition.

Absolutely the best group of trusted professionals. Mr. Skillern was prepared and ready for a long fight when we went to court, after making our arguments, the judge ruled in my favor and had our opposition pay the majority of the fees and charges. It was easy and a pleasure to work with Mr. Skillern. He is very knowledgeable and has the experience one hopes for when your life is turning end over end. If you live in the area and need help, call Mr. Skillern’s office.

Eric B. on Avvo Stars

Logical and Supportive

I really appreciated working with Matt and Melissa. Matt has a great attitude towards a difficult situation and did a great job of talking through things logically when all I could focus on was the emotions! 😉 I highly recommend Skillern Firm to anyone going through a difficult situation.

Troy on Avvo Stars

Extremely Helpful, and Really Professional

Matt Skillern was not just my lawyer. He was my corner coach championing, guiding, nudging, helping me stay strong, stay focused, stay all in. Matt and Melissa operated with a positive mindset, leading me through the labyrinth of forms, court proceedings, more forms, gathering massive amounts of necessary information—always moving forward, always providing insights and understanding along the way. Matt is honest and straightforward. No hidden costs. No surprise turns. The process was laid out clearly. The challenges he foresaw, the behaviors we encountered, the end he anticipated were carefully and caringly explained and achieved. You need a lawyer if you’re getting a divorce. You need to have someone who’s in your corner and by your side through the journey. You need the best. And that’s Matt.

Rosemary from Avvo Stars

Truly Cares About His Clients

There are no words to describe how great of a person Matt is. He truly cares about his clients and their families. If you are in the unfortunate position where you need counsel, hire Matt.

Kyle from Avvo Stars
Avvo Rating

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Houston family law & divorce lawyers.

Hear from our Houston family law & divorce clients, how we have helped them with their family law cases. This is just a sample of the many satisfied clients we have assisted over the years. You can expect similar results when you choose Skillern Firm to handle your family law case.