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If you are currently considering filing for divorce, we know it can feel complicated. Tempers may be fraying, emotions are running high and you and your spouse may not be on speaking terms.

Luckily, our team of skilled and experienced Katy divorce lawyers is here to help. With legal representation from Skillern Firm, the divorce process can move forward. Whether this means mediation and negotiation between you and your spouse, or help to complete and file divorce papers, make life easier by getting in touch today.

Here at Skillern Firm, we are skilled in all family law matters and we value our attorney-client relationships. . From the second you seek legal representation from us, you can relax knowing your family law attorney is working hard to protect your rights and is fighting aggressively for the best outcome possible.

To discuss your options and learn how to move forward with your divorce, contact Skillern Firm today for an initial consultation. A skilled family lawyer in Katy, TX, is ready to listen. Call our law firm now at (936) 213-8479.

Skillern Firm Family Law Services

Here at Skillern Firm, our attorneys have been dealing with family law matters for over 50 years collectively. This means we have a wealth of experience to draw upon regarding even the most complex family law matters. From high-net-worth divorces to difficult child custody cases and everything in between, we have won favorable outcomes for numerous clients.

What Sets Skillern Firm Apart?

A large percentage of our clients have never needed a lawyer before; this can make the search feel a little overwhelming. After all, you are placing the fate of your family in the hands of this individual.

We know that every family law firm in Katy TX will claim to be the best for you, but how do you decide who to choose?

Firstly, we recommend you pick a firm that offers an initial consultation and case evaluation like we do here at Skillern Firm. This is a great way to get to know your potential attorney and is the perfect space to ask any questions that you may have.

Besides an initial consultation, here are two things we think are crucial:


A good team of Katy divorce attorneys will be able to showcase their victories. They will be able to provide details of cases they have won in the past and will have lots of glowing recommendations and referrals.

If a law firm seems hesitant to show you examples of their previous wins and victories, you may want to consider why this is.


A good divorce lawyer will usually be extremely busy with their caseload. A great divorce lawyer will be busy with their caseload but will maintain their accessibility to their clients.

This does not mean you will have 24/7 access to them, but it does mean they will promptly return your calls and messages so you always feel like they are making time for you.

Another important thing is to ensure you are comfortable with your divorce lawyer. You will most likely be spending a lot of time in calls and meetings together and they will be the person fighting on your behalf.

During your consultation, you can assess the dynamics of the relationship and if you are feeling any awkwardness or dislike, you should listen to your gut instinct.

Why Should I Hire a Katy, TX Divorce Attorney?

It doesn’t matter what route you have taken to come to this moment, divorce is a serious matter, and it has the potential to be an emotional affair. When making the important decisions necessary for you and your spouse to move on with your lives, this emotion has the potential to cloud your judgment.

Your Katy divorce attorneys are unbiased and have no emotional investment in proceedings which means they can make the right decisions and advise you from a place of clarity.

There is also a lot of paperwork involved in a divorce. Completing this paperwork and filing it correctly, and on time, is something your attorney can do for you. This means you can be involved as little or as much as your like with the proceedings.

When it comes to family law and divorce, it is also crucial that you have representation who can explain to you in easy-to-understand terms, your rights and options regarding the law.

Your attorney will be responsible for:

  • Completing and filing necessary documents.
  • Mediating and negotiating.
  • Meeting all legal deadlines.
  • Protecting your assets.
  • Negotiating child custody arrangements.
  • Helping arrange visitation orders.

Grounds for Divorce in Katy TX

If you want to get divorced in Texas, there are a range of different reasons you can reference under Texas divorce law. The best way to decide upon which option you want to choose is to discuss it with your attorney. Some of the reasons for divorce include:

  • Living apart.
  • Insupportability.
  • Abuse.
  • Adultery.
  • Felonies.
  • Abandonment.

Most cases that we deal with here at Skillern Firm, follow the claim of insupportability. This is when two spouses cannot come together in any aspect of their relationship,they cannot reach agreeable terms and they have attempted counseling.

Divorce Preparation

If you are starting the divorce proceedings and want to be prepared, you should begin by getting organized in terms of the documentation that will be required of you for legal separation. This might include bank statements, property deeds, tax returns, etc.

Your Katy divorce attorney can help you with this process and provide you with a full list of required documents.

The Impact of Divorce on Your Children

Divorce can be hard on everyone involved, especially for children. If you and your spouse have children together things can get particularly heated when dealing with matters like child custody, child support, and spousal support.

It is extremely important during these times to remember that the needs of your children come before anything else.

We will fight extremely hard on your behalf but we will do everything in our power to ensure that your children are safe and their happiness is maintained as much as possible. We want the divorce to be a smooth transition for them so that it does not affect their development.

Skillern Firm Practice Areas

As an experienced family law firm, we cover a range of family law matters such as:

Child Custody

Perhaps the most difficult matter we deal with here at Skillern Firm is the warring of parents who both want custody of their children following a divorce.

It is understandable that these discussions can easily turn into arguments and this can make it near impossible to reach an amicable decision.

This is where it becomes essential for a skilled mediator and negotiator to step in. They will remind you both that the most important parties are the children involved. We will help defuse the situation, creating a space where discussion can begin again.

Through negotiation and mediation, our aim will always be to create a plan where both parents have visitation rights and have access to the children if they want it (unless there is a reason against doing so).

Child Support

Marriages are partnerships in more ways than one. Together you are a team, ensuring the needs of your children are met, both financially and emotionally. This may mean that one party becomes the primary earner and one party becomes the main caregiver.

Once these partnerships end, it is important that both parties come to an agreement that ensures the child’s needs are still maintained. This may mean that the person who has main custody of the child seeks child support from their ex-spouse. This ensures their security and that the child does not miss out because of the divorce.

Modification of Order

While court orders tend to have a sense of finality about them, they are not always set in stone. If there is strong, reasonable evidence for an order to be changed, a Judge will consider it.

If you have been ordered to pay child support and you fall ill and are unable to work, for example, a Judge may consider lowering your child support for the duration.

They will also listen to any parent who believes their children are no longer safe with their ex-spouse. If you think your children are being abused or are in the hands of someone violent or with drug or alcohol problems, they may change your custody order.

If you are seeking a modification like this, your Katy, TX divorce lawyer should be the first person you speak to. With their knowledge and experience, they will help you put together the most air-tight argument possible to present to the court.

High-Asset Divorce

If you and your partner have a high-net-worth, with a lot of complex assets that are difficult to divide, you should seek the help of a divorce lawyer with experience in dividing assets in high-net-worth divorces.

Here at Skillern Firm, we can help you navigate the complexities of a high-net-worth divorce.

Mothers’ and Fathers’ Rights

Neither the mother nor the father gains any preferential rights under Texas law. The Judge will look at both parties in an unbiased manner. This prevents either side from receiving any special treatment during a custody battle.

In family law, the children always come first. The Judge and any good attorney will always look to protect the needs of the children involved.


Following a successful divorce, court orders need to be followed by all parties involved. This means you cannot simply refuse to pay spousal support or child support. It is also important that neither party withhold visitation of children from their ex-spouses if they have been awarded it in court.

If your ex has begun to violate their orders, you should seek the help of your attorney. They will be able to petition the court for help. If you prove to the Judge your ex is refusing to follow their orders, the court may step in and modify them further.

Recovery of Attorney Fees

Sometimes, one spouse entering divorce proceedings has a much larger pool of funds to utilize. When this happens they may attempt to drag proceedings out so that the other spouse eventually runs out of money.

If you think your ex is utilizing this vindictive behavior, your attorney can seek the Judge’s help to recover your attorney fees.

This will only happen if you have a strong argument to present, so speak to your attorney and ask their advice.

Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse is a common argument for divorce.

Here at Skillern Firm, we want you to know that we are on your side. If you inform us that you are the victim of domestic abuse, we can step in and take measures to protect you while you file for divorce. We do this by getting you to a place of safety and applying for an injunction, this means your spouse cannot contact you by law while we file your divorce.

We also protect our clients from false accusations of abuse too. If you think your spouse is creating false accusations in order to influence the decisions of the court, we can help you fight these accusations and discredit your spouse in the eyes of the court.

Spousal Support

It can be frightening to leave a marriage when you have given up a career to look after children and it is normal to be worried about your financial security. However, in these situations, you will have the grounds to seek spousal support from your ex-spouse.

Contact Skillern Firm to Discuss Your Situation

Here at Skillern Firm, we can help you through all aspects of family law. We can support you when necessary, fight for you when needed and advise you throughout the process.

Our law firm can help you ensure that you prioritize what is most important to you. Our lawyers are professionals who are skilled in all areas of family law, and if complications arise, we will know how to continue to support you.

We cover most of Texas, including Katy, League City, Fort Bend County, Harris County, Clear Lake, and Missouri City.

Give Skillern Firm a call today at (936) 213-8479 to arrange a  consultation. We’re ready to listen and guide you through your next steps.