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When the law intertwines with your personal family life, things can often get complicated. Family law issues can too often drive wedges between families, cause serious heartache, and result in severe financial stress. What we have seen with our clients and having a family law attorney to guide you through this difficult time can make the process much easier and cost-effective.

At Skillern Firm, we want to help you with your family law matter. Sensitive and personal matters such as divorce, custody and support issues, domestic violence, and spousal support should always be handled with the guidance of an experienced family attorney. We know firsthand how difficult Texas family law cases can be and we want to prevent you and your family from suffering unnecessarily.

At our law office, we have a team of skilled family attorneys that is ready to help you with your case. All of our family attorneys in Bunker Hill Village are strong legal advocates that want to ensure the protection of your rights and achieve the best outcome in your case. We know the importance of having experienced family law representation, and we pride ourselves on the results we have achieved for all of our previous clients.

Come in and discuss your case with a Bunker Hill Village premium family lawyer from our law office today.

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What Can an Experienced Family Law Attorney Do For Me in Bunker Hill Village TX?

The primary job of a family lawyer is to guide families and clients through the Texas family legal system, ensure their rights are protected and, provide strong legal advice to ensure that clients are well aware of what is happening with their case. An experienced family lawyer can help reduce any stress you have and help resolve your case in a compassionate and unified manner.


A premium family lawyer is one that has the requisite experience and qualifications to offer you strong and compassionate legal advice. When hiring a family attorney in Bunker Hill Village, TX, it is important to make sure that they have studied law at an established and recognized law school, have worked with family law matters for a sufficient amount of time, and have received recognitions and awards from their peers and clients.

Your family or divorce lawyer should be able to simplify even the most complex family law issue to ensure that you can understand what is going on. They should advise you on how best to proceed, what is the best option for you and your family, and offer you alternatives when needed.

At Skillern Firm, all of our family attorneys have been recognized by the Texas state bar or Houston bar association, and they are highly experienced with local Texas law. The family lawyers in our firm have been practicing law for many years and have significant experience with family and divorce law. We can offer you advice and guide you through any family law issue that you have, including legal separation, support and custody battles, property division, and much more.


For most people, bringing family law matters to a court in Bunker Hill Village, Harris County, TX  is the least desirable option. The majority of our clients hope to resolve issues outside of court through effective negotiation and mediation. A premium family lawyer should always prioritize achieving the best result possible through mediation first, rather than going straight to court.

At our law office, we always prioritize mediation and negotiation, as we know how important it is to try and maintain existing relationships with your family or ex-spouse. Sitting down in a room with family lawyers present to try and figure out the best way forward is often the best way to resolve family law issues. You may think that this is impossible in your case but you would be surprised at what our family attorneys have achieved through effective negotiation.

All of our lawyers are highly experienced with negotiation, and our senior counsel, Robin Klein, is specially trained in mediation.

Handle Paperwork

Most family law cases, including divorce proceedings, involve a substantial amount of paperwork. Whether it relates to dividing property and community estate, custody battles, or adoption, the paperwork and documentation can be extremely overwhelming. The courts in Bunker Hill Village, Harris County, TX will require all documentation to be submitted on time, including motions and paperwork relating to the case, and trying to meet these deadlines can become stressful.

Your legal counsel will ensure to handle all paperwork and documentation on your behalf so that you do not have to worry about missing deadlines or forgetting to submit documents. They will help explain the complex legal language used in court documentation and ensure that you understand all issues completely. As such, the family lawyer that you hire should be highly organized and meticulous and should have experience submitting and organizing documents.


Perhaps the most significant job of Bunker Hill Village, Harris County, TX family attorneys is to offer their clients strong legal representation. Whether this is with litigation in court, mediating with the other side’s attorney, or submitting motions on your behalf, they should always represent you with the highest standard of legal care possible.

Although going to trial in family law cases is not always desirable, your attorney should be ready to litigate your case in court if needed. As such, a premium family lawyer should have significant experience litigating cases in family courts, speaking with witnesses, submitting evidence, and bringing forward arguments to the court.

At Skillern Firm, our legal team has significant experience litigating family cases in court. Although we always prioritize mediation, we know that some battles cannot be resolved through talking and the best option is to take it to court. When this happens, we will fight in court on your behalf to ensure that your rights are protected and you get the most favorable outcome possible.

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Protect Your Rights

Protecting legal rights is the most important responsibility of our family attorneys in Bunker Hill Village. Particularly with family law, legal rights are something that needs to be guaranteed at all stages of a case. Whether it is prioritizing the rights and needs of a child in a custody battle, protecting your right to property, or ensuring your right to safety in a domestic violence case, your premium family lawyer should be your number one rights advocate at all times.

The partner of our law firm, John Schmude, served as a Family District Court Judge from 2015 to 2018, during which he disposed of more than 13,000 cases. He has seen firsthand the importance of protecting the rights of families, including children and vulnerable people, and he uses this experience when helping clients with their family law cases.

All of our family attorneys know the importance of protecting the legal rights of clients, and we will ensure to prioritize your rights and make sure they are heard at every stage of your case.

Fathers Rights

Family Law Matters That We Cover at Skillern Firm, Bunker Hill Village, TX

Our law firm specializes in divorce and family law matters. As such, all of the lawyers in our firm have studied family law in depth, have won awards or recognitions relating to their family law experience, and have spent their legal careers specializing in family law, whether it be as a fierce family representative, former family law judge, or through pro-bono work.

We are a comprehensive family law firm covering all aspects of family law and all of our lawyers are capable of handling any issue that you need help with.


Deciding to go separate ways with your spouse can be a difficult decision and can come about after a long period of struggling to make things work. Even if you decide to divorce amicably and seem to agree on all issues, it is likely that your personal feelings about the situation serve to cloud your judgment in some way. As such, you should always hire a divorce lawyer that can act as your objective advocate and ensure that your rights are protected.

When going through a divorce or legal separation, you must divide property equally, petition for spousal support if relevant, and deal with child custody and support issues. A premium family lawyer that has a wide range of experience with divorce and family issues can help ensure that your divorce decree is fair and adequately protects your rights.

Child Support

If you have a child in Texas with an ex-spouse or partner, it is important that you are being supported financially, or offering monetary support to enable the child to have basic rights such as food, education, and any other expenses required. To ensure that you get monetary support each month for your child, you should have a child support order set up that adequately reflects their needs and ensures that the non-custodial parent pays each month.

A family law lawyer can help you set up a child support order that takes into account all fees and costs that you need to pay for your child. The Texas family law courts have a formula that calculates the amount of support that should be granted taking into account things such as yearly income and parental plans.

A family law attorney can submit financial documentation and evidence on your behalf to prove the amount that you need for your child, and to ensure that you get a fair support order.

Child Custody

Custody battles are some of the most difficult cases we deal with. Often, children’s needs are forgotten throughout the divorce process as parents are unable to see what is best for the child because of personal and relationship issues. By having a lawyer, you can get a clearer, impartial picture of what is best for your child and ensure that they get fair visitation between their parents, when appropriate.

A child custody lawyer from our firm can help you sit down with your children’s other parent or guardian to discuss what would work best for them and for you. Our Bunker Hill Village family attorneys always prioritize the needs of the child to ensure that their voice is not forgotten through child custody proceedings.

Domestic Violence

If you have been a victim of domestic violence or if you and your children are in danger because of an abusive ex-partner or spouse, you should seek help immediately. The first thing you should do in these situations is to get help from law enforcement or an organization. It is essential to ensure that you are safe and that your life is no longer in danger.

Once you have gotten appropriate help and you feel ready to get legal assistance, you should contact one of our family attorneys in Bunker Hill Village, Harris County, TX. In domestic violence situations, we can help you get a protection or barring order from your abuser to ensure that you are safe. If they have broken this order, we can help bring them to court or report them to the local prosecutor.

If you are going through a divorce, our family lawyers will do everything in our power to ensure that you are safe and that your divorce is managed smoothly and in your best interests.

Contact a Bunker Hill TX Village Family Law Lawyer at Skillern Firm

Family law is complex and deals with the most personal aspects of an individual’s life. When dealing with legal issues such as divorce, child custody, marital agreements, and property division, it is essential that you have a dedicated team of family lawyers that can protect your rights and ensure that your voice is heard.

At Skillern Firm, our family lawyers have been serving the Bunker Hill Village area and the state of Texas for over ten years and we have handled thousands of divorce and family law cases. We know the importance of compassion and dedicated representation in these types of cases and we want to help you in any way that we can.

We pride ourselves on having a top-quality team of lawyers that have received many awards and recognitions for their hard work and dedication to family law. Our managing attorney, Matthew Skillern, has received an AVVO rating of 10.0, which is based on his experience, peer recognition, and awards. All of our Texas family law attorneys are highly skilled and experienced in what they do, and we guarantee to offer you the highest standard of legal representation.

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