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A father’s rights should never be underestimated following a divorce. Under Texas law, the legal father has the same rights as the mother when it comes to making decisions in the best interests of their children. Of course, family law is not always straightforward, which is why our law firm is standing by to provide not only the lawyers you need but the experience and support that contribute to a winning case.

Fathers often underestimate their role and influence and assume that decision-makers may be biased against them. However, in custody cases, it is, in fact, the child’s best interests that take priority. Both parents have the right to use an attorney to make a case for their child, and a Judge will take their thoughts and concerns into account before reaching any decision.

Even if a marriage ended on bad terms, many parents can reach some kind of accord on what is best for their children, even if that involves compromise. A family law attorney works with clients not only to ensure that their suggestions are legal in Texas but also that their rights are respected throughout. Once again, the legal father’s rights are every bit as important as those of the mother, and our father’s rights attorneys will ensure that cases are heard fairly and without bias.

Skillern Firm – For All Your Family Law Matters

Our father’s rights attorneys operate in the Bunker Hill Village area and throughout Houston, Texas, serving clients and advising on all manner of family law cases. We work with local people throughout their divorce and help them adjust to the outcomes, such as custody arrangements, support payments, and visiting rights.

We place great emphasis on providing more than just legal expertise. Our clients can rest assured that they will always receive the best possible support in this area, but our law firm also treats clients with the respect they deserve and the personal touch they need during such stressful times. Divorce and separation can make even the most resilient individuals feel alone, which is why our team is at your service always to protect your best interests.

Whether you are currently embarking on the divorce process or have moved on to dividing property and making arrangements for your children, we can pick up your case and ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Our team serving Bunker Hill Village is standing by now to help, and you can reach us at 936-213-8479 for an initial consultation and preliminary guidance on how we can be of assistance.

How Our Bunker Hill Village Father’s Rights Attorneys Can Help Your Family Law Case

When you work with attorneys from Skillern Firm, you can expect an experienced family lawyer that will provide not only the legal expertise you need for a winning case but the personal attention you deserve.

Our team will get to work on your case immediately while understanding that the attorney-client relationship is as much about support and empathy as it is putting forth a compelling case in court. A family law matter involving the father’s rights usually follows a period of high stress and destabilization, such as divorce or legal separation. As such, we know exactly how important it is to know that someone is on your side and will put your parental rights first throughout any legal issues.

No matter your current legal concerns, our lawyers have helped clients from Bunker Hill Village, Harris County, and throughout Texas to achieve the outcomes they and their families deserve. That ensures that they can move forward in life without the need to constantly focus on lingering doubts.

Our common family law cases include:

  • Child custody – If you’re a father seeking custody of your child following a divorce, our father’s rights attorneys can help make the case in court that your living arrangements serve the child’s best interests.
  • Child support – Whether establishing child support payments, modifying existing agreements, or taking legal action to recover unpaid amounts, our lawyers will work to ensure the best possible outcome.
  • Visitation – If you are a father that has been assigned visitation rights but faces legal issues as a result, we can help protect your legal rights. We will work on your behalf to overcome issues of refusal, moving to another city or county without notice, or any other type of interference.
  • Adoption – Under Texas law, a father’s rights to their children vary. In some cases, adoption may be one option for a person to assert these rights, and a skilled attorney from our law firm will be committed to making the process as accessible as possible.

Establishing Your Rights as a Father

Asserting your rights as a father requires you to be legally established as such. If you were married to the mother at the time of the child’s birth and your name was added to the birth certificate, you are presumed the father and have certain rights.

An unmarried father does not gain the same legal rights. Under Texas law, paternity must be established, and the father recorded on the birth certificate before they gain any legal rights to the child. Where both the mother and father agree on paternity, they can voluntarily sign an Acknowledgement of Paternity. In most cases, this document is signed at the hospital soon after birth, but there is nothing to prevent the process from being carried out at a later date.

In more difficult cases, and those that may involve hiring a lawyer, a father may seek to establish involuntary paternity. This involves a court issuing an order adjudicating parentage. If either party denies parentage, a Texas court has the right to order a DNA test to confirm whether one party is indeed the legal father.

Key Considerations of Child Custody

Child custody is a significant consideration for Texas families following the breakdown of a marriage. A divorce does not always suggest that former partners are on bad terms, and it may be possible for both parties to work with an attorney through mediation to come to a legally binding agreement. Even in these cases, the final decisions must be ratified under the law by a Texas court.

In some cases, an attorney is needed to ensure that any decisions taken on the present and future of children adhere to their best interests. There are additional factors that become relevant should a child custody case go to court, and our father’s rights attorneys can help to give any father the best chance of success.

Your Child’s Best Interests

Regardless of any other factor or consideration, child custody is an aspect of family law that all comes down to the child’s best interests. If the child in question is aged 12 or over, they can directly contribute to the case, giving their opinions regarding their future. Even if the children involved are under 12, the Texas courts will always endeavor to ensure they focus fully on the child’s rights both now and moving forward.

The mother and father can both seek to influence and establish what constitutes those best interests. Given that a Judge will always seek to work within the confines of Texas law, a father’s rights attorney can prove invaluable in establishing cases and gathering supporting evidence. They will ensure that all parties operate based on facts rather than emotion and that any claims or statements are backed by evidence and clear thought.

Potential Danger to the Child

A Texas Judge will also consider any potential danger to the child based on any decisions made. If one party has suffered domestic violence at the hands of the other, the child has suffered past personal injury due to either parent, or one parent having outstanding criminal charges; this can all contribute to a custody case.

Safety issues extend beyond violence. It could relate to drug charges under criminal law or an unsafe home environment. No matter the concerns in question, it is vital to speak to an attorney, whether making or defending accusations surrounding your child’s safety.

Your lawyer will be able to gather evidence and put together a compelling case, ensuring that your rights are never overlooked, regardless of your current circumstances.

Domestic Stability

As well as overall safety, a Bunker Hill Village, TX Judge will also consider the stability of each applicant’s domestic environment. As with most aspects of family law, the specifics can differ greatly from person to person.

One parent may have kept the family home following a divorce, for example. If they plan to stay there indefinitely, this consistency may work in their favor in the eyes of the court. Should this arrangement also enable them to continue their education without interruption and continue to see other local family members, it can work significantly in one parent’s favor.

Conversely, a parent that regularly finds themself unemployed or travels frequently for business may see their personal circumstances judged negatively. Again, an attorney will help ensure you can make the best possible case even if, on the surface, one parent’s lifestyle appears more stable than the other’s.

The Child’s Emotional and Physical Needs

Unsurprisingly, any decisions made around child custody extend not only to environmental factors but the direct well-being of the young person involved. In most cases, family law will take into account the child’s current stage of development, their age, and how their parents are positioned to ensure their continued support and development.

This can often work to the benefit of both parents. It is scientifically proven that children develop best with the support of both their mother and father. So, while permanent living arrangements may not allow for this, a court will seek to ensure that, wherever possible, both parents will remain involved in their upbringing.

A concerted effort to prevent this on the part of either the mother or the father may be considered alienation, which is typically viewed highly unfavorably by anyJudge presiding over family law matters.

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