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How To Modify A Family Law Order

Child support, child custody and spousal maintenance orders should be fair given your specific circumstances. However, when your circumstances change, the order does not automatically adjust to stay fair. Thus, you may need to take action to restore balance.

The family law attorneys at Skillern Firm can help you seek a modification for your order after a divorce or parental separation. As life changes, we can work towards a practical arrangement. Reach out to us for a case review with our Houston-based lawyers.

We Can Help Justify A Modification

Just like the initial court order, modifications must prioritize the needs of the child. When circumstances change, our attorneys can help you show whether a modification is necessary for both parent and child.

Possible reasons to modify child support, child custody or spousal maintenance in Texas may include:

  • Significant decrease or increase in income
  • A serious medical condition that impacts finances or a parent’s ability to care for the child
  • Remarriage, which may affect that person’s finances or the conditions of the household
  • A new substantial need of the child, such as a medical condition or disability
  • A new hazard to the child’s physical, mental or emotional well-being

Often, parties disagree about whether a specific situation warrants a modification. While the court has the final say, the other party may challenge your request. However, they might not fully understand the challenges you are facing.

In these situations, we will remain faithful to your interests and the interests of your child. With deep experience in family law, we understand how to maximize your chances of gaining approval for your modification request.

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