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Justice gavel laying in between a paper ripped in half with an image of a family. Our Sugar Land family law lawyers will help you handle complex and difficult legal family matters.

When it comes to family, tempers can flare, emotions can run high and the stress involved can make it difficult to arrive at rational decisions. Parents fighting for custody, spouses arguing about divorce, former spouses refusing to pay child support; family law can get messy.

If you need help dealing with your family law matters, it is always smart to involve an experienced family law attorney. Navigating the tricky landscape of family law in a calm manner is what they do best and they can save you a lot of stress during your divorce

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With years of experience and hundreds of happy clients, hiring an experienced family law attorney from our team here at Skillern Firm is an easy way to assure peace of mind when it comes to your family law cases. 

We know how to keep lines of communication open between warring partners and with our negotiation and mediation skills, we can help families move on from even the toughest impasse.

We want the process to run as smoothly as possible. Call us today to set an initial consultation with one of our board-certified attorneys or associate attorneys to better understand the process and obtain a full understanding of your legal rights.

Next, we can move into the case evaluation and once you feel comfortable, we can get to work. At this point, we will use every resource at our command to help win you a favorable outcome. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a stellar attorney-client relationship.

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How an Experienced Sugar Land  Family Law Attorney Can Help You?

In Sugar Land Texas, family law follows relatively complex regulations and legal requirements. This makes it difficult to navigate unless you have experience or a legal background. Even for simple cases, there will be complex paperwork that needs to be filed correctly and on time. An experienced attorney will be able to ensure your paperwork is pristine, which can prevent any problems that prolong the case.

You should always hire an experienced attorney when it comes to dealing with family matters, especially when you are fighting for something as important as child custody or child support. The result of these cases can affect you for the rest of your lives.

For complex cases like this, you will most likely need negotiation and mediation to stop communication from breaking down. If you decide against representation and the other party decides to hire an attorney, you are going to be at a massive disadvantage. Here at Skillern Firm, we cover all types of family law and we want to help protect your family’s future. We cover:

Child Custody

The most important area that we cover here at Skillern Firm is child custody cases. The result of these cases can influence and change not only your life but the future lives of your children too . The right decision here will have long-lasting and far-reaching consequences, which is why we always put the needs of the children first.

For child custody cases, the importance of a good negotiator cannot be overstated. It is important that both you and your spouse come together and focus on what is important. When spouses are at war, they often make decisions based on spite, anger or fear and this can lead to a decision that is not in their child’s best interests. Your Sugar Land, Texas attorney will help open lines of communication and will be able to defuse the emotion or decide when it’s best to take a break so you can both cool down.

Additional child custody services include:

Divorce Cases

Divorce cases are another family law issue that need to be approached with care and a clear head. Your lawyer can help you make decisions from a place of clarity and will step in when they think you are letting your emotions cloud your judgment.

We have a lot of experience in these types of family law matters and we know how to approach the allocation of marital property and child support. We can help mediate on important issues like child custody, take the time to explain your best course of action and provide the best route for you to come away feeling like you obtained the best deal possible.

Divorce Lawyer for Women

Child Support

If you sacrificed your earning potential and career in order to look after your children, you may be entitled to financial support after a divorce if your spouse was the main income in the household.

Child support causes perhaps the most anger between spouses so using a mediator will allow you to overcome any impasse that prevents you both from moving forward.

Your Sugar Land Texas attorney can help determine what is a fair and reasonable amount of child support to seek and will be harder to argue against.

High-Asset Divorce and Property Division

It gets a lot more complicated for couples when they are classed as high-net-worth individuals. When the marital assets are numerous and large, dividing them can take real skill, especially as most property obtained during the marriage will be classed as shared community property by Texas law.

Your lawyer will be able to work through your finances and answer any questions you may have about Texas Law.

Court Order Modifications

No court order is ever set in stone. If there are real, compelling arguments for a court order modification, the Judge will listen. If you have run into health issues that prevent you from working, for example, they may change your child support amount. If you have evidence your ex is abusive or has developed drug or alcohol problems, they may change custody agreements.

Getting an order modified isn’t easy, or guaranteed, and the argument must be a strong and just one. Your best chances of a successful appeal are to create a solid case with your lawyer.

Recovery of Attorney Fees

Occasionally, a spouse with more finances to draw upon may attempt to win their cases by drawing out the proceedings and raising the legal costs involved to a point where the other party cannot afford to continue.

If you think this is happening, tell your lawyer; they will be able to bring this to the Judge. If successful, the Judge may make your spouse pay attorney fees they have created on your behalf.


Court orders regarding child support, spousal support, child custody, or divorce must be respectfully followed by all parties involved. You cannot avoid paying spousal support or child support without a good reason.

If your ex is violating their orders on a regular basis, your first port of call should be your attorney. They will attempt to sit down with your ex and get them to comply. If they continue, you and your attorney can approach the Judge and ask them to intervene. If this happens it will discredit your ex and may give you grounds to seek a modification of your orders.

Spousal Support

When coming out of a partnership where one partner worked and one looked after the children, one spouse may need financial support following the separation. Your family law attorney will be able to help guide you and create a strong plea for this.

Domestic Violence

If you are currently the victim of any form of abuse or domestic violence, please tell law enforcement first for your safety. Once you are safe your attorney will work with you to file your divorce.

Unfortunately, there has been a rise in domestic abuse cases during the pandemic. There has also been an increase in the number of false allegations of domestic abuse. In rare cases, spouses may lay false accusations on their partners to give themselves an advantage in the eyes of the Court.

The best way to combat this is to fight it as aggressively as possible. If you are innocent your family law attorney will work hard to prove it, discrediting the other party’s allegations.

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