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Fathers’ rights in Hedwig village can quickly become a complicated aspect of Texas family law. Some fathers believe that the mother’s rights take precedence over their own and hesitate to seek legal advice. Others feel that while both parents should typically play an equal role in the decision-making process, the child’s mother is often viewed more favorably throughout the course of legal discussions.

The fact is that every case is different. Much as with the majority of family law matters, lawyers can get involved with each case to ensure they protect the rights of the father and help clients and their families to reach the best possible solution.

If you’ve recently been through divorce proceedings as a father or have any concerns about child custody or family law and how it applies to you, the experienced attorneys of Skillern Firm are standing by to provide the legal services you need for a fair and honest outcome.

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At Skillern Firm, we pride ourselves on our legal specialization in family law. We work with clients in Hedwig Village, across Harris County, other counties, and Houston, Texas, to assist families and provide the support and guidance they require.

We work extensively on divorce cases, and our attorneys provide counsel throughout everything a legal separation involves. Our law firm not only works with clients on litigation and throughout the Texas court system but provides the empathy and understanding required in sensitive times, especially with children involved.

If you’re a minor’s legal father and require representation concerning child custody, divorce, or any aspect of family law, the Skillern Firm law office is standing by for an initial consultation.

The attorney-client relationship can begin with just a single phone call, where our father’s rights  lawyers will work to understand your case and provide initial guidance on how to proceed.

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A Father’s Child Custody Rights in Harris County

Unsurprisingly, fathers in Harris County have the same rights under Texas family law as those from San Antonio to El Paso. In practice, that means the same rights as the mother if they have already been verified as the legal father.

If the child custody issue arises following divorce, the male partner is automatically recognized as the legal father and inherits those rights without further action. However, if a couple was never married, the father may be required to establish paternity before gaining legal rights over their children.

The easiest way to establish parenthood is through an Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP). This document requires both parents to voluntarily sign to acknowledge that one partner is the father of a child. If this is not possible or otherwise disputed, it may become necessary to pursue paternal rights in court.

Should this become the case, it is highly advisable to appoint a father rights lawyer to oversee and support the process. If you are concerned about your rights around child custody and child support, lawyers from our team are standing by to help.

Once your rights have been established under Texas law, both the mother and the father have the right to:

  • Make decisions involving the child’s continued education.
  • Influence and attend recreational activities beyond the education system.
  • Contribute to decisions concerning health, religion, and living arrangements.

It is not uncommon for one or both partners to try to have a greater say in these matters than the other. However, both are considered equal in the eyes of the law, and a Hedwig Village father rights lawyer can assist in ensuring that your rights are respected.

Understanding a Child’s Best Interests

While both parents will inevitably play a significant role in a child’s upbringing following divorce proceedings, a district court will generally consider the best interests of the child over and above anything else.

As most parents will understand, if the legal process surrounding a father’s rights ends up in front of a Harris County Judge, the child’s own needs take priority over the demands of their family.

The primary consideration usually involves child custody. When it comes to custody rights, lawyer intervention can be invaluable as they can explain demands and requirements in the contact of the Texas legal system. Even with support from divorce lawyers or a family law attorney, a judge must consider facts that fall into a number of categories.

Danger to the Child

Before considering education, healthcare, and recreational activities, child custody cases must establish that the child is safe. Some instances are more egregious than others. A divorce case involving proven domestic violence or personal injury on the part of either parent will vastly reduce opportunities for the guilty parent.

However, evidence of drug use, poor living conditions, or other factors may also impact parental rights.

Previous Involvement With the Child

A Texas court will also consider how involved each parent has been in the child’s life so far, without any bias based on gender. For example, if one parent already lived away from the family before either of them spoke to a divorce attorney or was largely uninvolved in their upbringing, Texas family law takes such into consideration.

Familial Support

The court understands that there is often more to a family than just the mother and father, and they will consider how close the extended family network will be based on their decisions. If one parent lives in Harris County, along with grandparents, cousins, and other family members, and the other applies for custody in nearby cities without the same network, a Judge may favor the existing network when making decisions on family law matters.

Actively Minimizing the Role of the Other Parent

Many child custody cases that make it to court are a direct result of divorce. As such, both parents aren’t always on the best of terms. Attorneys often witness numerous disagreements in these cases, but it is not unheard of for these disagreements to turn malicious.

If one parent seeks to ‘alienate’ the other or attempts to utilize their existing influence to convince a child to think less of the other parent, this may affect a subsequent judgment.

These cases are often difficult to prove, and any evidence gathered to support such claims can be invaluable. If you suspect such activities in your family law matters, it may be worth speaking to a father rights lawyer to document proceedings.


Ideally, if a Judge is involved in a custody case, they wish to make decisions that apply not only to a child’s current circumstances but protect them in the future.

This may involve further investigation into each partner’s personal circumstances. From their employment status and business interests that may prevent them from paying due care to the child to potential bankruptcy and unrelated legal difficulties, a Judge is interested in anything that may aid them in making a future-proof decision.

The Child’s Will

Under Texas family law, if the child in question is 12 or over, the court can take their preferences into account. This may involve the parent they wish to spend the majority of their time with, a preferred location, or their education ambitions, among other factors.

What Our Father Rights Lawyers Can Do For You

A father’s rights to their child extend beyond the direct results of a divorce. Families remain linked long after separation when children are involved through child support, visitation, and more.

At Skillern Firm, we are here to help when you need us, whether clients require legal counsel during or immediately after a divorce or they require representation many years later.

Our father’s rights lawyers work extensively throughout Hedwig Village, Harris County, and the Greater Houston area on anything and everything involving family law.

Actions During a Divorce

A divorce attorney can help with father’s rights during the divorce process itself. This may involve securing a divorce decree that guarantees indefinite and equal access to the child or helping to establish ongoing child support payments.

Custody Litigation

Human nature means that just because something is verified in court does not necessarily mean that it will be adhered to by everyone involved. If a father is denied the access they’re legally entitled to, or their ex-partner relocates without amending the requisite legal documents, our attorneys will work to ensure the legal rights of all parties are respected.

Termination of Parental Rights

Parental rights can only be terminated in Texas with a court order, even in cases of voluntary relinquishment. Either parent can file for this form of legal termination, although it is not limited only to parents. Other family members, prospective adoptive parents, and others involved in the child’s upbringing may elect to do so.

Numerous factors can serve as just cause for filing, including continued domestic violence, the establishment of protective orders, or failure to adhere to court-ordered responsibilities.

If one parent chooses to file for termination of parental rights against the will of the other, the parent filed against has every right to contact a lawyer and to defend themselves.

If a father chooses to file for termination, they too should speak to a father rights lawyer before proceeding. The need for legal services becomes even more pressing if the parent or child fears for their safety or the case is contested.

Defense Against Unfounded Allegations

Many parents, even in highly contested divorce cases, can often come to an amicable arrangement on what is best for their children. However, it is impossible to predict when one party may need a father’s rights lawyer to defend them against allegations designed to impact their relationship with their child.

We can provide legal support to anyone facing accusations of domestic violence, abuse, restrictions on court-ordered visitation, and anything else that may interfere with a father’s relationship with their children.

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Divorce is one of the most stressful events of anyone’s life, and when children are involved, potentially simple cases can become infinitely more complex. At Skillern Firm, our team of Texas Board-Certified Family Law professionals wants to do more than just ensure you have the law on your side.

We ensure that every father’s rights are respected and that their own best interests take priority. Furthermore, we work tirelessly to ensure that our clients can move on from their cases in comfort and with confidence.

We can provide you with a family lawyer that takes their role not only as your legal advisor but as a supporter and your biggest advocate in challenging times extremely seriously.

Our team combines vast experience in family law with a wealth of honors and professional associations, spanning the Houston Bar Association, State Bar of Texas, and many more.

We also fully understand that, as a father, you want to put your children first, and no amount of divorces could change that. That’s why a family lawyer from Skillern Firm focuses heavily on the attorney-client relationship and works tirelessly to ensure your needs are met at every turn.

Our attorneys cover Hedwig Village, Harris County, and locations throughout Texas from an office in Houston and another in Sugar Land, ensuring your lawyer is available whenever and wherever you require their support.

Our team is standing by now to discuss any questions you may have about family law and how it applies to you.

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