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Man in suit holding a judge gavel and a family law book. Our family law lawyers in Katy, TX fight hard for those facing family issues. Contact us for representation.Hunters Creek Village TX Family Law Lawyers

If you are dealing with a family law matter in Hunters Creek Village, TX, such as divorce, child custody, domestic violence, adoption, property division, or child support, you should seek help from a family law attorney as soon as possible. Family issues often contain legal complexities that require a lot of paperwork, mediation, and strong knowledge of the law.

Without the backing of a family law attorney, you may find the process quite difficult and stressful, and may not get the results that you desire. At Skillern Firm, we strongly recommend that you hire a family law attorney that can help guide you through your case, and offer you knowledgeable legal advice and strong representation throughout your proceedings.

Our law firm has a team of experienced family law lawyers that have been managing cases similar to yours for many years. Our lawyers are compassionate, tenacious, and driven to get the best results possible for your case. Through our years of practice and commitment to our clients, we have built up a strong attorney-client relationship. We know the importance of having a strong advocate when it comes to family law cases, and we want to be that advocate for you.

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An experienced family law attorney is someone who knows the importance of handling family law cases with compassion, patience, and unity. Family law deals with the most personal aspects of an individual’s life and cases are often emotional and stressful. Your family law attorney should be your number one advocate at all stages and ensure that you feel represented and safe during the proceedings.

Skillern Firm specializes in divorce and family law matters. All of the attorneys in our law office have studied family law, practiced it for many years, and helped clients with a wide range of issues. We pride ourselves on having a highly skilled group of family law lawyers that are passionate about advocacy and providing experienced family law representation to all of our clients.

Our law office features 3 lawyers that are Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Matthew Skillern, John Schmude, and Robin Klein. Only 1% of family law lawyers in Texas have achieved this certification. In addition, all of our lawyers are qualified by the Houston Bar Association or Texas State Bar Association. Our managing attorney also has a Juris Doctor Degree from South Texas College of Law, which is recognized by the American Bar Association.

In our law practice, we always put the needs and rights of our clients first, and we give equal importance to each case. Whether you are dealing with divorce proceedings, adoption, custody issues, spousal support, or any other legal matter, we are here to help you as best we can and provide you with compassionate and dedicated representation.

Family Law Matters We Deal With in Hunters Creek Village, TX

It is important to hire a Hunters Creek Village area law firm that has a wide range of experience with family law. A lot of family law cases deal with more than just one issue, such as a divorce case with child custody and spousal support issues, for example. As such, a premium family lawyer should be able to manage all aspects of the case and have the experience necessary to mediate, negotiate, and fight for you in court.

Our law firm deals with all aspects of family and divorce law, including the following:


Divorce, or legal separation, is often extremely difficult for everyone involved. In Texas, you have the option of filing a no-fault or at-fault divorce, depending on the particular circumstances of your case, and whether you and your ex-spouse are able to come to an amicable agreement.

It is important when going through the divorce process that you have a decree that protects your rights, gives you a fair deal, and protects your children, if relevant. Many people believe that divorce lawyers are not necessary when you and your partner are able to come to a fair agreement, however, this is not the case. All divorces in Hunters Creek Village should be done with the help of an experienced divorce lawyer due to their complexity and the requirement for objectivity.

An impartial lawyer will fight to ensure that your decree is fair and balanced, handle all paperwork on your behalf, represent you throughout the divorce process, and negotiate with your ex-spouse and their attorney to ensure a fair outcome.

Decree Enforcement

When a decree is made, such as a divorce decree or child support agreement, both parties have a duty to uphold it. In some cases, however, one or both parties to the decree do not uphold their obligations, which can cause further stress and difficulty. If you have a divorce decree or court agreement with another party that is not upholding their obligations, you are entitled to take them to court.

An experienced family law lawyer can help identify any divisions of a decree that have been violated such as property division or support payments, and take legal action to ensure enforcement of the decree. Our lawyers can firstly communicate with the other party and warn them to comply and if this does not work we can take them to court. In a Hunters Creek Village court, they may be found in contempt of the decree or in contempt of court for their failure to comply.

Child Custody and Visitation

Children’s rights are at the core of all family law issues. When it comes to divorce and child custody, the child’s voice can often go unheard due to disagreements and opinions of parents. When parents cannot come to an agreement on the custody of a child, a judge may need to step in and make a fair decision on behalf of the child.

In child custody cases, a family law attorney can help ensure that your child’s voice is listened to and that a fair agreement can be reached between the custodial and non-custodial parent. If you need to have sole custody of the child, your family law lawyer will ensure to gather and present enough evidence on your behalf to prove that this is the right decision for your child.

Father’s Rights Cases

Do Texas Family Law Cases Always Go To Court?

For most of our clients in Hunters Creek Village, going to family court is a last resort. Depending on the case, most families want to preserve the relationship they have with their family members or spouse. Bringing cases to court can often create rifts in families and bring up a lot of undesired issues.

As such, we value the importance of prioritizing mediation and negotiation over bringing cases to court. If you choose a family law lawyer from our firm, they will  first sit down with both parties to try and come up with a fair and equitable solution, depending on the issue. Our attorneys have been able to get fair solutions in many cases in which both parties did not think it was possible.

In some cases, however, negotiating an amicable agreement is not possible and the case must go to court. Although our lawyers prioritize mediation, they are highly skilled in litigation and they will be able to argue your case strongly at trial. With legal counsel from Skillern Firm, you are guaranteed to have a strong trial advocate who will fight tirelessly on your behalf.

Our lawyers have a wide range of experience at trial and the partner of Skillern Firm, John Schmude served as a Family District Court Judge in the United States District Court of Harris County, TX for three years. During this time, he disposed of over 13,000 family law cases and handled a wide range of legal issues. As such, he knows how family law trials work and values the importance of protecting clients’ rights at trial.

Important Qualities of a Family Law Lawyers in Hunters Creek Village, TX

A premium family lawyer is somebody that has a wide array of experience with family law cases. Diverse lawyers that can adapt to different situations know how to best handle tough cases and they will always ensure to get the best results for your case. It can be difficult to know what to look out for when hiring a family law attorney, which is why we have listed some important qualities that a premium family lawyer should have.


It is important to ensure that the family law attorney you choose is sufficiently qualified to deal with your case. Firstly, your lawyer should have a law degree from a reputable law school that is recognized by the American Bar Association such as South Texas College of Law Texas or the University of Houston Law Center, for example. Secondly, the lawyer’s qualifications should be officially recognized by a local Bar Association such as the Texas State Bar or Houston Bar Association.

Next, you should check to see if they have carried out much pro-bono work and received recognition and awards from legal organizations. You want to ensure that you have a team of  premium family law lawyers on your case that will go above and beyond as your legal advocate. All of the lawyers in our firm have highly qualified and have received a variety of different awards for their hard work and dedication.


Complex family law cases require a deep understanding of family law in Hunters Creek Village. As such, your family law attorney should have not only qualifications but also sufficient experience dealing with cases both in and out of court. By handling cases and helping clients with matters, family law lawyers get a much deeper understanding of the law and can use this understanding to help win your case.

It is important that your family law attorney has experience with both mediation and taking cases to trial. Although litigation is not what most clients want, it may be a necessary choice depending on the circumstances. You want to ensure that your lawyer can fight tooth and nail in court to protect your rights and ensure that you have a successful outcome


As family law issues are often highly personal and relate to sensitive parts of people’s lives, such as marriage and children, your lawyer should be able to handle your case with compassion and ensure that you feel safe and comfortable. A premium family lawyer will keep you updated on your case throughout all stages, listen to your needs, communicate these needs effectively, and make sure that your legal matters are dealt with compassionately.

The Hunters Creek Village family law lawyers at Skillern Firm know the importance of handling sensitive legal matters with compassion and care. Our advocates always ensure that our clients feel adequately represented through all case stages and feel comfortable communicating any issues or problems they have with their case.

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For all family law issues in Hunters Creek Village, TX, it is important that you have an experienced family attorney to offer you legal guidance and strong representation for your case. Family law cases can be emotional, stressful, and difficult for all parties involved. An experienced and impartial lawyer can help relieve this stress by taking over the case on your behalf and doing everything in their power to get you a favorable outcome.

At Skillern Firm, we have a team of divorce lawyers for women that have been serving Hunters Creek Village and the surrounding areas in Houston, Texas for many years. Our law firm values strong advocacy, effective guidance, and mediation. We want to ensure that your family law matter is dealt with in the most compassionate way possible and that you get the representation that you deserve.

Our team of family law lawyers are highly experienced at what they do and have the skills necessary to win your case in Hunters Creek Village.

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