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What is Considered a Violation of Custody Orders in Texas?

Custody battles can be emotionally charged, and when one parent violates the court-ordered custody arrangement, things can quickly become even more complicated. Courts take violations seriously, and for good reason – they directly impact a child’s well-being and parental rights.

In this article, we’ll explore what constitutes a violation of custody orders, the legal consequences that follow, and how it affects the child involved. We’ll also provide guidance on what you can do if you find yourself facing such a situation.

Understanding Custody Orders

Custody orders are like roadmaps that outline each parent’s responsibilities and rights after a divorce or separation. These orders determine who has physical and legal custody of the child and specify visitation schedules for the non-custodial parent. Respecting these orders is vital for maintaining stability and harmony in the child’s life, fostering a healthy relationship with both parents.

What Constitutes a Violation of Custody Orders?

A violation of a custody order can take many forms, but they all have serious legal consequences. Let’s look at some common violations:

Refusal to Comply
When one parent outright refuses to adhere to the custody order, such as denying visitation rights or failing to return the child after their parenting time.

Parenting Time and Visitation Violations
This occurs when a parent consistently arrives late for pick-ups or drop-offs, interferes with the other parent’s time, or doesn’t follow the agreed-upon visitation schedule.

    Legal Consequences of Violating Custody Orders

    Courts don’t take custody order violations lightly, and the penalties can be severe. Violating parents may face fines, be held in contempt of court, or even serve jail time, depending on the gravity and recurrence of the violation. The goal isn’t to punish the parent but to enforce compliance for the child’s best interests.

    How Violations Impact the Child Involved

    A structured custody arrangement is essential for a child’s emotional well-being. When a parent violates the order, it can lead to confusion and stress for the child. Repeated violations may also damage the child’s trust in the violating parent, impacting their relationship.

    What to Do if the Other Parent Violates the Custody Order

    If you suspect a custody order violation, document it thoroughly with dates, times, and any evidence you can gather. Seek the help of a family law attorney immediately to understand your options and navigate the legal process effectively.

    What is Considered a Violation of Custody Orders? FAQ

    What is sole physical custody?
    It refers to the parent with whom the child primarily lives. The other parent typically has visitation rights as outlined in the visitation order.

    What if the other parent denies me my visitation time?
    Keep detailed records of each occurrence and contact a family law attorney to explore your options.

    Is it a violation if the non-custodial parent keeps the child longer than agreed-upon?
    Yes, it is a violation, and the custodial parent can document it for potential legal action.

    Can a parent change the visitation order if the other parent violated it?
    No, only a Judge can modify a visitation order. Consult a family law attorney to present your case effectively.

    What if my child is experiencing emotional harm due to custody violations?
    Consult a family law attorney immediately to take appropriate legal action and protect your child’s well-being.

    Can I involve the police if the other parent violated the custody order?

    While custody matters are usually handled in family court, in emergency situations involving immediate safety risk, contacting the police may be necessary.


    Custody order violations are serious offenses that can have lasting effects on children and parents alike. Respecting custody orders is essential for the well-being of everyone involved, especially the child. If you’re facing custody order violations, seek the help of Skillern Firm’s dedicated family law attorneys. We are committed to protecting your parental rights and your child’s best interests. Don’t navigate these complicated situations alone; reach out to us at 936-213-8479 for the support and guidance you deserve. Together, we can find the best solution for your child’s future.

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