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Going through a divorce is one of the most difficult and personal times in a person’s life. Having to bring your relationship and private issues through a public court can be daunting and stressful for many people. Women in Cypress, TX, face unique challenges going through a divorce, including financial difficulties, child support and custody issues, division of property, and more.

As a woman going through a divorce in Cypress, it is important that you have a divorce lawyer that understands your situation and is available to provide effective legal care for your case. Your divorce attorney should protect your best interests, ensure that you feel comfortable during your case, and fight to get a favorable outcome on your behalf.

The lawyers at Skillern Firm understand the unique difficulties that women face during a divorce and want to help guide you through the divorce process. Our law firm specializes in family law matters and has been representing women in Cypress through their divorces for many years. As such, we understand the importance of compassionate and strong legal advocacy.

Our law firm prioritizes the attorney-client relationship that we have with our clients. We know how important it is to have a divorce lawyer that you trust and feel confident with handling your divorce. We want to get you the most favorable outcome for your case and ensure that your rights are protected.

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Cypress Divorce Lawyers at Skillern Firm

The divorce lawyers at Skillern Firm have significant experience helping clients through divorce proceedings and understand the unique challenges that women going through a divorce face. At our law firm, we offer compassionate and honest legal services to women going through a divorce.

Our law firm is client-focused, and our top priority is always protecting clients’ rights and ensuring that your best interests are kept at the forefront of the case. We understand the emotional strain that comes with a divorce case and the worries that women face for their life after a divorce. We want to help relieve any stress that you feel, by advising you on your legal options, providing personal attention to your case, offering compassionate legal assistance, and protecting your rights at all stages of the case.

Our lawyers can help you with all types of family law matters, including child custody, division of marital property, high-asset property division, child support arrangements, spousal support, and other family law matters including divorce and custody modifications. The divorce lawyers at our firm have experience dealing with the most difficult types of divorce cases, including complex divorce cases, cases involving domestic abuse, and tough child custody battles.

Grounds for Divorce in Cypress, TX

To file a divorce in Cypress, a couple must have a valid reason under the law. The grounds on which you base your divorce depend on your particular circumstances and the nature of your relationship. Most spouses in Cypress, Texas base a divorce on the grounds of insupportability, which is valid when spouses are no longer able to agree on many decisions together and are incompatible. Some valid grounds include:

  • Insupportability
  • Living apart
  • Adultery
  • Abuse
  • Felonies
  • Abandonment

It is important that you seek legal aid before filing for a divorce in Cypress, TX. A divorce lawyer from our law firm can help you with any type of divorce, and guide you through the legal process.

Legal Separation vs. Divorce

Many women in Cypress wonder whether getting a divorce is the right decision, due to the finality and the tension it can cause between a family, particularly if there are children involved. There is an option in Cypress to go through a legal separation before filing for a divorce. With a legal separation, it is possible to ‘try out’ certain aspects of a divorce such as a child custody arrangement and living apart. However, it is easy to restore the marriage if desired.

With a divorce, the marriage is officially dissolved by a court order, which means that you will not be able to restore the marriage afterward. A divorce is a final decision, which may take a long time to come to. Speaking with a lawyer can help you better understand what decision works best for you at this time.

Issues Faced by Women During the Divorce Process in Cypress, TX

Going through a divorce is extremely difficult for many people. Women are faced with unique challenges during the divorce process that can have a major effect on their lives. Some people believe that women have it easier during a divorce, particularly with issues relating to children. However, in many cases, women take home less income than their spouses and they rely on their spouse’s income to support their lifestyle and their children’s lifestyles.

With a divorce, they may be left in a difficult financial situation, have to leave the family home, and may struggle to support themselves and their children. It is important to ensure that your best interests are protected during a divorce and that you are not left in a difficult situation afterward. A divorce lawyer can help protect your rights and guide you through the legal process.

Child Custody

Often, child custody battles are one of the most difficult family law issues to deal with. Trying to decide what is best for your children can be a contentious issue, and a lot of the time, two parents have different opinions of what will work best. The job of a divorce lawyer is to protect the best interests of the child and ensure that their needs are put at the forefront of any custody arrangement.

As a woman, you may have worked as the primary caregiver for your children during the marriage and would like to retain this relationship afterward. Our divorce lawyers can help you with getting primary custody of your children, provided that it is in their best interests.

If you were the victim of domestic violence during your relationship, or if you can demonstrate that your ex-spouse was in any way abusive or neglectful to your children, we can help you get sole custody of your children. Our divorce attorneys want to ensure that you and your children are completely protected and that any child custody arrangement agreed upon by the court is in their best interests.

Child Support

One of the family law matters that we help a lot of divorcing spouses within our law firm is the issue of child support. In many relationships, one spouse works full-time and provides an income for the family while the other spouse works as the caregiver or works part-time with a smaller income. Often, children may attend private school, engage in many extracurricular activities, and live a particular type of lifestyle. When a marriage ends, you may worry about maintaining this lifestyle for your children without the same type of finances.

Many women decide to take on the role of a primary caregiver or give up their full-time job when they begin a family. As such, they may worry about being able to pay for their children’s education and activities after a divorce. Child support agreements are decided by a Judge based on the family’s income and the number of children that you have. A divorce lawyer can help negotiate with your ex-spouse to get a higher level of child support if needed.


Property Division

Texas is a community property state, meaning that all property attained during the course of a marriage shall be divided equally between both spouses after a divorce. This means that if you and your husband bought a house during your marriage, this will be counted as marital property and you will have to divide it equally. If you want to stay in the house with your children, you will need to come to an arrangement or buy out your husband’s share.

If the home was purchased before the marriage by your husband, you will be unable to receive any share in this property. A property division lawyer can help you come to some type of arrangement through child support or spousal support agreement to organize new accommodations for you and your children.

Spousal Support

A huge issue for many women going through a divorce is that they will be left in financial difficulty, as they may have given up their job or relied on their husband’s income for themselves and their children. In Cypress, it is possible to get a spousal support arrangement set up, which will be a sum of money sent to you each month from your ex-spouse to keep you on your feet. The amount of money awarded through a spousal maintenance arrangement will not be excessive, however, it will hopefully be enough to allow you to move on with a new chapter of your life.

There are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to qualify for spousal support, including being married for ten years and being unable to support yourself financially. One of our Cypress divorce lawyers can help demonstrate your need for spousal maintenance and submit evidence and documents on your behalf.

Contested Divorce Cases in Cypress, TX

It is rare to come across an uncontested divorce nowadays, particularly when couples have been married for a long time. Often, many aspects of your life are joined together, and coming to decisions to divide this life can be extremely difficult. Contested divorces can go on for long periods of time, as there may be many different family law issues that need to be decided upon.

With contested divorce proceedings, it is essential that you have a skilled negotiator by your side to help navigate through the complexities of the process. It is vital that your best interests as a woman be given top consideration throughout your divorce, and that any arrangements made are fair and ensure that you are financially stable and safe after a divorce.

What to Look for in a Divorce Attorney in Cypress, TX

Having a divorce attorney that you can trust and that prioritizes your needs is extremely important. Your attorney should have experience helping women through the divorce process and understand the different challenges that you face. It is important that they have significant experience with family law cases and be well-versed in local Cypress divorce laws.

Focused on Mediation

Most women in Cypress do not want a divorce with their spouse to end badly, particularly if there are children involved. When a divorce becomes contested, and a couple decides to take it to court, it can get quite messy and result in conflict between the family. Having a Cypress divorce attorney that prioritizes mediation over bringing cases to court can help minimize the chances of your divorce ending in a conflict.

Many women that come into our law firm believe that they would be unable to sit down with their spouse to discuss issues civilly. However, with the backing of one of our divorce lawyers, they have been surprised at how well they could communicate with their ex-spouse about divorce-related issues. Our family law lawyers focus on mediation and negotiation because we know how difficult divorces are. We want to try and maintain any relationship that exists, particularly when there are children involved.

In the event that we are unable to come to a civil arrangement through mediation and negotiation, however, a divorce lawyer from our law firm will be more than prepared to bring your case to court and fight on your behalf.


Your divorce attorney should be somebody that you trust and feel comfortable speaking with about personal aspects of your life. The divorce process is stressful, draining, and difficult for most people. Your divorce attorney should not serve to make this process any more difficult for you. It is important that you hire a divorce lawyer that treats your case with compassion and care.

A good divorce attorney should understand the issues that you face as a woman, guide you through the divorce process, offer compassionate legal counsel, and be an open ear when you need it for any issues you have.

Experience with Domestic Violence

If you were the victim of domestic violence during the course of your marriage, the most important thing for you and your children is to ensure that you are now safe and secure, and do not feel further threatened by your ex-spouse. Divorce cases that involve domestic violence are difficult for many women and can often be much more complex.

The divorce attorney that you choose for your case should have sufficient experience handling domestic violence cases. At Skillern Firm, our lawyers have helped many women through difficult divorces where domestic abuse was involved. Our lawyers understand the care that needs to be given to these cases, and we can help you get a protection order from a Judge to prevent your ex-spouse from harming you or your family. We can guide you through the divorce and help you organize child custody arrangements that protect your children.


When hiring a divorce attorney, it is important to ensure that they have the requisite qualifications to handle your case. The attorney that you hire should be qualified from a reputable law school, have experience with family law and other practice areas, and be recognized by their respective State Bar Association. Attorneys that have extra accolades such as awards and recognitions from their peers should be a more favorable choice for your case.

At Skillern Firm, all of our family law attorneys are highly qualified to practice family law and handle divorce cases in Cypress. Our attorneys have all been recognized by their State Bar Association and have won many awards for practicing law. Our senior counsel, Robin Klein, and our managing partner, Matthew Skillern, are both Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, which is a recognition given to only 1% of family lawyers.

Contact a Divorce Lawyer for Women in Cypress, TX

Divorces are extremely tough for most people and trying to divide up your life after many years of marriage can be a difficult task. Whether it is property division, division of marital assets, child support arrangements, or spousal maintenance, it is important that you have a divorce attorney that understands your unique needs as a woman and protects your best interests at all stages of the divorce.

The lawyers at Skillern Firm are ready to help you with your divorce case and ensure that your rights and interests as a woman are protected. At our law firm, we have significant experience handling family law matters and our lawyers have helped many women go through a divorce. A divorce lawyer from our firm will offer compassionate and strong advocacy for your case and ensure that any divorce settlement made is favorable for you.

We want you to feel confident going through your divorce knowing that you have the best legal representative for your case.

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