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Women in Spring Valley often have to deal with unique challenges when going through a divorce. The decision to get a divorce can be extremely tough, particularly if there are children involved, you or your partner have a lot of property or assets, or you have been married for a long time. Sometimes, women feel backed into a corner by their spouses and end up accepting a decree that is not in their best interests, particularly if they do not work full-time.

Hiring an experienced family lawyer will help ensure that your best interests as a woman are protected through your divorce and that you get a fair and positive outcome. At Skillern Firm, we have been providing our legal services to women going through divorce for many years. Our law offices have a team of experienced attorneys who understand the difficulties faced by women going through a divorce.

Our divorce lawyers prioritize providing compassionate and fierce legal advocacy to ensure that you feel protected throughout the proceedings and that you get a fair outcome for your case. We have built up a strong attorney-client relationship throughout our years of practice, and our divorce lawyers have won multiple awards for their dedication to family law.

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Divorce Lawyers at Skillern Firm

At Skillern Firm, we have a team of divorce lawyers that are highly experienced in handling divorce matters specifically related to women. As a team of family law specialists, we have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by women going through the divorce process. Our family lawyers seek to make the divorce process as easy for you as possible while working to protect your legal rights and best interests.

As a client-focused family law firm, Skillern Firm offers compassionate legal services to all women going through a divorce. When you hire legal representation, it is important to ensure that you feel confident navigating through your divorce and that your attorney understands your situation. As your legal representative, we will listen attentively to your needs, advise you on what we believe is best for your case, fight on your behalf and help secure your future after a divorce.

Our lawyers have experience with all types of family law issues, including property division, high-asset property division, child custody, domestic violence, spousal support and much more. Even if your case is complex, our divorce lawyers have the requisite experience and skills to handle all aspects of it.

Does It Matter Who Files for Divorce First?

Deciding to file for divorce can be quite difficult, particularly when there are children involved or you rely on your partner for a source of income. Women often wonder whether it is in their best interest to file for divorce first, to ensure that they do not lose out in a final divorce decree. Receiving a divorce notice with no prior knowledge can be quite overwhelming and you could end up accepting a decree that does not protect your best interests.

When there are contested issues in a divorce, such as the division of property, visitation of children, and spousal support, it is important to speak with a family law attorney as soon as possible. They can help guide you through the process of filing for divorce, help protect your assets, advise you on child custody arrangements that are fair and assess whether you are entitled to spousal support.

The sooner you get going on initiating a divorce, the more time you will have to ensure that the final divorce decree is fair and just. If you have an amicable relationship with your spouse, it may be beneficial to inform them you are filing for divorce prior to initiating the process. This can make mediation on family law matters significantly easier.

Grounds For Divorce in Spring Valley, TX

To file for divorce in Spring Valley, you must file a petition with the court based on either no-fault or fault-based grounds. These grounds are used as the basis for deciding to end the marriage. In most cases, people file on no-fault grounds, which takes away the requirement to prove that the other person was at fault for the dissolution of the marriage. No-fault simply states that the marriage was irreconcilable because of a difference of beliefs or inability to communicate.

However, if you decide to file for divorce on the grounds of fault, you will need to allege one or more of the following grounds and provide sufficient proof:

  • Insupportability
  • Adultery
  • Abandonment
  • Cruelty
  • Felony conviction with one year served
  • Commitment to a mental institution for over three years
  • Living apart and separated for at least 3 years

Although it is much quicker and easier to file for a divorce on grounds of insupportability, or no-fault, filing for a fault-based divorce may affect the outcome of your settlement. In some cases, adultery can affect the amount you recover in a spousal support payment. A Judge may also consider these grounds, such as adultery, felony conviction, or abandonment, when deciding on a child custody arrangement and property division.

Family Law Matters Women Deal With During Divorce in Spring Valley, TX

Women going through a divorce in Spring Valley often have to deal with unique challenges that can make the process significantly more difficult. In many marriages, women take a break from the workforce to take care of their children, meaning they are reliant mostly on the income of their spouse for themselves and their children. When a couple goes through legal separation, women may be worried about their quality of life afterward, and how they will return to work while taking care of their children.

There are also other family law issues that can affect women during divorce proceedings, including domestic violence, high-asset property division, distribution of the family home, and more. A divorce attorney that has experience helping women with divorce and family law issues can help ensure that your legal rights are protected and that you get the best outcome possible for your case.

Child Custody

Child custody battles are often the most difficult part of family law cases. Parents often have different ideas about what is in the best interests of their children. For example, both parents may want to have primary custody of the children if they work full-time and have a nanny. In a different situation, if one parent works as the primary caregiver of the children, this parent may want to have primary or sole custody. Also, if there are domestic violence or abuse issues involved, one parent may want to get sole custody with no visitation rights.

The primary role of a Judge or attorney in a child custody case is to ensure that the best interests of the child are protected. Most Judges try to avoid a sole custody arrangement as they believe children should have access to both parents. If you believe that your spouse should not have access to your children, voice your concerns to a family law attorney. They can help advise you on what is in the best interests of your child and ensure that the outcome benefits your children.

Division of Assets and Property

The division of marital property is often the most contested issue during a divorce. Texas is a community property state, meaning that property purchased prior to the marriage is separate from ‘community property’, or property obtained during the marriage. The state applies a ‘just and right division’ rather than an equal division of property. As such, a Judge may not divide marital property 50/50 and instead will divide it equitably based on different factors.

Factors that a Judge may consider when dividing property between spouses in Spring Valley include:

  • Sacrifices made by one spouse for the family and marriage (leaving work to care for children, etc.)
  • Earning potential of each spouse
  • Whether either spouse is currently in debt
  • Whether the divorce was based on fault, such as adultery, abandonment, cruelty, etc.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, a Judge may take these factors into consideration when dividing property. If you are worried about losing your family home for you and your children or certain assets because of a divorce, it is important to contact a family law attorney to help you with your case.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is unfortunately still a huge problem in Spring Valley and this problem disproportionately affects women. For many women in an abusive relationship, initiating divorce proceedings can be extremely difficult. You may be worried about ramifications from your spouse and feeling anxious about your life after the relationship.

After deciding to divorce an abusive partner, the most important thing to ensure is that you are safe. If there are children involved and you fear for their lives, getting them to a place of safety should also be a top priority. After this, we recommend calling our law firm to get help from a family law lawyer. An attorney from our firm can help get a protective order to ensure that your spouse does not contact you. They can help you find secure housing for you and your children while awaiting the divorce.

Additionally, they will take care of all legal matters on your behalf to ensure that you do not have to interact with your ex-spouse. This means filing petitions, negotiating with their attorney, and fighting your case in a Spring Valley court if necessary.

Spousal Support

Many women worry about their financial situation after a divorce, particularly if they have children, and have relied on their spouse for financial support throughout the marriage. Family law in Texas allows for the payment of spousal support from one spouse to the other after a divorce, under specific circumstances.

If you have relied on your spouse for income during your marriage and you will be unable to support yourself independently afterward, a family law attorney may help you get awarded spousal support. This payment is only awarded in certain circumstances, including:

  • When one spouse has a disability that prevents them from earning an income
  • When the marriage lasted for ten years or longer and the spouse is unable to support their needs
  • When one spouse has primary custody of a child that has a physical or mental disability and requires intense specialized care
  • When the other spouse has been convicted of domestic or family violence

The requirements for obtaining spousal support are stringent, and it is strongly advised that you seek legal representation from an experienced attorney if trying to file for spousal support. 

What To Look For in a Cypress Family Law Attorney

A divorce lawyer should be someone that you feel comfortable sharing private parts of your life and marriage with. Divorce, for many people, is a highly personal ordeal and having a legal representative that you trust and feel supported by is important. Your attorney should also have a deep understanding of family law matters that affect women and provide you with compassionate legal care.


It is vital that your attorney is highly experienced in handling divorce cases. This includes experience with other family law matters that affect women, such as the division of property, domestic abuse, and more. Divorce lawyers with significant experience will be able to offer strong legal advice, mediate with your ex-spouse and their attorney to get a fair divorce decree, fight to ensure that you do not lose out on assets or property, and help protect your best interests at all stages of the case.

At Skillern Firm, we have a team of divorce lawyers that are highly experienced in all family law matters. Our attorneys are recognized by the State Bar of Texas in the Family Law section and are all top-rated family law attorneys. Our divorce attorneys have attended a reputable law school and have won multiple awards for their dedication to family law legal matters, including recognition by the Super Lawyers rating service.

Family Law Specialist

In addition to being experienced in divorce and family law, we recommend hiring an attorney that specializes in family law in Spring Valley, Texas. Often, law firms that deal with multiple types of law, such as personal injury, criminal law, tax law, immigration law, and more, lack the expertise necessary to handle a difficult family law case. It is recommended to hire divorce lawyers that have an in-depth knowledge of Texas divorce law and dedicate their practice to helping clients through divorce and family law matters.

The senior counsel at Skillern Firm, Robin Klein, Partner, John Schmude, and our managing partner, Matthew Skillern, are both Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. This recognition is awarded to just 1% of top family law attorneys.

Robin Klein has worked exclusively in family law for the past 13 years and is regarded as a family law specialist. We are a family law practice that fights tirelessly to protect families and provide compassionate legal care.

Focused on Mediation

Most couples that decide to go through a divorce do not want to bring the case to court. Going to court means more expenses, a longer waiting period and often tarnished relationships between families. When hiring a family lawyer to represent your case, it is important to hire one that focuses on mediation rather than litigation. Often, women that come into our law firm are surprised at how much can be achieved through effective mediation with the help of an experienced family lawyer.

The family attorneys at Skillern Firm prioritize mediation over litigation because we know how important it is to preserve relationships, particularly when there are children involved. We will sit down with your spouse and their attorney to negotiate important matters and try to come to a fair settlement without bringing it to court. However, if necessary, a family lawyer will bring your case to court, build a strong case on your behalf, and fight tooth and nail to ensure that you get a positive outcome.


The divorce law firm that you choose to work with should have a deep knowledge of how the family court system operates in Spring Valley and should be based in Texas. Your family lawyer should be up to date on all Texas rules, laws, and regulations and have handled many family law cases in Texas.

Some law firms operate all throughout the country or across multiple different states. However, because they have to deal with so many legal systems within states, they may lack specific knowledge of Texas family law.

Skillern Firm, however, is a Texas family law firm that handles cases within only certain areas of Texas. We have experience dealing with local Judges and courtrooms, which can be an enormous advantage.

Contact a Divorce Lawyer For Women in Spring Valley, TX at Skillern Firm Today!

If you are a woman going through a divorce in Spring Valley, TX, it is important to seek help from divorce lawyers that have experience dealing with the unique challenges that women face. Your attorney should have experience with all types of family law practice areas, including child custody, spousal support, division of marital property, domestic violence, and high-asset property division.

At Skillern Firm, we have a team of lawyers that are highly experienced in divorce and family law. We have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by women going through a divorce, and we have helped many women navigate through divorce proceedings in Spring Valley. We understand the importance of compassionate, strong legal advocacy, and our priority is ensuring that you feel comfortable going through your divorce.

When you call our law office, we will set up a consultation with one of our divorce lawyers. They will advise you on matters pertaining to your case, help you file a divorce petition, mediate with your spouse and their attorney, protect your legal rights, and fight in court on your behalf if necessary.

Call our law office today at 936-213-8479 to schedule a consultation with an experienced family law lawyer.