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Divorce is rarely an easy process, and even when both parties have a similar perspective on how their marriage should end, it remains essential to consider a divorce lawyer. After all, the divorce process involves the legal termination of a marriage, and there is much more to consider than two people simply no longer being together.

It’s also critical to consider everything from child support and property division to spousal support. It’s crucial that one party is not unfairly favored, which is why each ex-spouse should have their own Houston divorce attorney to operate in their best interests.

The best divorce lawyers understand that there is more to a divorce than dividing up property and reaching an agreement. They also provide the emotional support required at such a difficult time and make a point of always being on their client’s side.

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Navigating the divorce process in an efficient manner can rely heavily on the quality of the legal professional used. At Skillern Firm, we operate throughout Harris County, Fort Bend County, and Houston, to ensure that all our clients receive their fair share following a separation.

No matter the legal issues faced, our skilled, experienced, and sensitive team of attorneys will provide the legal representation you require to achieve the best possible outcome in your divorce.

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Contested Divorce

Contested divorces happen when the two parties involved cannot come to an agreement on the terms necessary for the divorce to be finalized. Contested divorces can be costly for each party.

One way of reducing these costs is to use a law firm skilled at mediation and negotiation to help warring spouses come to agreements without litigation. If the decisions cannot be made this way, the judge may have to make the decision, and this will not only cost each party more in legal fees but may be a decision neither party is happy with.

No-Fault and At-Fault Divorce Under Texas Law

Our divorce lawyers can assist no matter what stage of proceedings you’re currently in. However, if you’re still deciding to file a divorce petition and remain in the early stages, you must consider whether to file for a no-fault divorce or an at-fault divorce.

No-Fault Divorces

No fault-divorces are the most common in Texas family law, partly because they make an inevitably complex process less difficult to navigate. The laws of Texas require divorcing spouses to follow a specific legal framework, but that does not necessarily need to include any legal reason for the separation.

Essentially, residents of Harris County, TX, can file for divorce without one spouse needing to accuse the other of something specific. This will still often result in a contested divorce, but enables the parties involved to focus on the divorce process rather than justifying their actions.

At-Fault Divorces

While individuals are under no obligation to state a reason for filing divorce papers against the other spouse, an at-fault divorce remains an option. It is worth consulting a specialized divorce lawyer if considering this route, as it can be beneficial to the wrong party when working out the division of marital assets, child custody, and other related considerations.

Our Houston divorce attorneys can also be useful prior to filing as an at-fault divorce must meet one of the relatively few criteria:

  • Adultery.
  • Abandonment by the other spouse lasting for a year or longer.
  • Any kind of abuse, including domestic violence.
  • Receipt of a felony conviction.
  • Mental incapacitation.
  • Cruel treatment, either mentally or physically.

It is vital to decide on at-fault divorce in conjunction with your Houston divorce lawyers, as the court will require evidence to support any claims made. If these claims are made successfully, the wronged spouse may benefit from the award of a higher proportion of community property. Additionally, a proven accusation may influence a more favorable outcome in terms of child custody arrangements and spousal support payments.

How to Choose the Right Texas Divorce Lawyer

There is much more to consider when appointing family law attorneys in Harris County than just their legal specialization. It is fair to expect a certain amount of expertise in family law matters from any divorce lawyer, but some are more suitable than others.

Dedication to the Case

Any legal separation case requires plenty of work, which is yet another reason to work with divorce lawyers rather than attempting to go it alone. Legal representation not only means that clients have access to full and unrestricted legal advice at every turn, but also involves the reassurance that someone is working diligently to move the case forward.

Sadly, divorces rarely work themselves out, and an experienced Harris County divorce attorney will be able to ensure adherence to a robust plan and estimated timeline.

Your Best Interest at Heart

A skilled divorce lawyer will ensure that you receive the support you need at a potentially stressful and traumatic time. It is easy to consider divorce proceedings solely a legal matter, but at Skillern Firm, we understand and appreciate that it is a genuine human issue too.

Legal separation usually involves disagreements with someone else to whom an individual is potentially closer than anyone else. The end of a marriage for a Texas family can also involve not just former spouses but children, too.

It is the kind of event that can quickly become all that someone can think about, so knowing that someone is on your side can make a world of difference not just legally, but also in terms of your mental well-being.

Experience in Related Practice Areas

It is fair to say that no two divorce cases are ever exactly the same. The end of a marriage could involve all sorts of considerations, many of which have the potential to become a legal issue in their own right.

One legal separation might involve far more marital property than another, for example, which may be further complicated by high-value assets and business interests. Likewise, not all Harris County divorce cases involve child custody or child support, but some may require an intricate arrangement around joint custody and other considerations.

Divorce matters can potentially become even more complex in at-fault cases, and you need confidence that your chosen divorce lawyer is equipped to handle them.

What Else Your Family Law Attorney Can Help With

Many individuals appoint divorce attorneys as soon as they are aware of upcoming divorce proceedings. Their thoughts immediately turn to the need to discuss and understand their legal options, with the final divorce decree only being something to consider long in the future.

However, there are many different considerations that can arise at any time. Indeed, with skilled divorce lawyers on both sides of the case, a divorce can proceed more quickly than either party might expect.

While the process of ending a marriage will typically take anywhere between six months and a year, Texas law requires as few as sixty days from filing the initial petition for a divorce to complete.

As such, family law can and often does touch on a number of additional considerations, and your Skillern Firm divorce lawyer will be ready and equipped to act at short notice on any of the following:

Property Division

Texas is considered a community property state, meaning that assets and debts accrued during the marriage are generally considered to be owned equally by both spouses. 

Of course, it is usually too ambitious to attempt to split assets completely equally. One spouse may have separate property in the eyes of the law, such as gifts or inheritances received even while married.

There may be other circumstances surrounding the division of property too, such as whether one party gave up more than the other during the course of the marriage, such as leaving a job or pausing their career in order to raise a family.

A divorce attorney from a reputable law firm can work to ensure that their client receives what is fair, but if both parties cannot agree between themselves, it may come down to a judge to decide.

Child Support and Spousal Support

Unsurprisingly, a divorce does not only cover what two partners already own. There may be future considerations, especially when children are involved.

This also falls under the fair and equitable goal of property division, with a target of ensuring that both parties and their children may maintain something close to their current living standard following the official end of the marriage.

Essentially, a person may have to pay child support or spousal maintenance after the divorce is finalized, with the goal of the receiving spouse maintaining their current living arrangements.

Child Custody

Child custody can quickly become one of the more hotly contested issues in any divorce. Both parties generally want what they view as being best for the child, but that does not always mean that their approaches align.

As with most aspects of family law, spouses can reach an agreement between themselves or come to an arrangement through their attorneys. Failure to do so means that a Judge will decide on who receives custody and how.

Typically, families have three different custody options available to them.

Joint Custody

A joint managing conservatorship is the most common option and effectively grants both parents’ equal rights. It is generally considered the fairest available option, and this only changes if an individual can prove that affording custody to the other parent may be detrimental to the child.

It is vital to consider that joint custody may not always be entirely equal. At the broadest level, both parents share an equal role in the child’s well-being. However, one parent may have additional rights, such as the direct receipt of child support payments and the choice of their child’s primary residence.

Sole Custody

Some cases involving children may make shared custody unsuitable. As such, one parent receives sole custody and the right to make all major decisions impacting their child.

There are several justifiable reasons behind this being an option, for example when one partner is accused of abuse or deals with drug use.

Conversely, and to reiterate, such accusations must be proven. Anyone that is concerned that the other parent may unfairly seek sole custody should speak to a Skillern Firm attorney at the earliest possible opportunity.

Possessory Custody

In relatively rare cases, one or both parents may receive possessory conservatorship. This becomes more common when a grandparent or guardian receives custody rights following a divorce, as it ensures that the parents still retain some of their rights.

Essentially, possessory custody means that the custodians retain legal rights pertaining to the child, including the right of access, but they are not ultimately responsible for making decisions around their health, well-being, and education.

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Divorce proceedings are never trivial, and it’s vital to seek legal help from divorce attorneys that always have your best interests in mind. Our law firm seeks to provide support not only at the legal level but also at the human one, with an aim to ensure that a situation that can quickly become stressful and complex is as manageable as possible. If your marriage has taken a turn for the worst and are wondering how to file for divorce in Harris County, we can help.

No matter the stage of your divorce case you’re at, an experienced attorney from Skillern Firm can provide the emotional support you need while enabling access to the full extent of Texas law.

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