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As a woman navigating such an emotionally challenging time as a divorce, the legal divorce process and family law matters may feel overwhelming. The outcome of this process will have serious impacts on many elements of your and your family’s lives in the future. Issues such as child custody, spousal support, and the division of assets all require experienced family law representation in order to secure the best outcome for the future of you and your family.

Skillern Firm is a law firm that understands both the severity and complexity that comes with divorce cases. Our team of experienced, board-certified divorce lawyers prides itself on successfully representing the women of Hunters Creek Village, TX, and their families throughout the whole process. Our divorce lawyers will ensure that the needs of you and your family are represented, you are treated fairly, and that you receive a fair settlement from your divorce.

If you are considering, or are in the process of a divorce, contact a premium family lawyer from Skillern Firm with significant experience handling divorce now at 936-213-8479.

Why Should You Hire a Family Law Attorney to Help With Your Divorce?

Divorces are rarely amicable; they are emotional times for both parties, and disagreements throughout the process are likely to occur. There is a wide array of complex laws within Texas family law that are designed to ensure that both parties are treated in a just and fair manner. However, the complexities of these laws can be difficult to navigate, especially at such a tumultuous and stressful time in your life, without a divorce lawyer.

Due to the contentious nature of most divorces, an attorney is essential to defend your best interests, protect you against any complications and allegations that may arise, and secure the best possible future for yourself and your family.

Why Skillern Firm?

Two key elements should come into consideration when choosing between law firms and finding a family law attorney to represent you during your divorce. These are both experience and accessibility. Your chosen family lawyer should have a high level of previous experience, case wins, and strong recommendations from previous clients.

Additionally, the top divorce lawyers are easily contactable and available to give you advice throughout the process while also being a considerate ear to support you through this challenging time.

Divorce attorneys at Skillern Firm have extensive experience representing women in Texas family law cases, providing the best representation in family law issues, including divorce, child custody, Mother’s rights, and enforcement of previous court orders.

Our team of divorce lawyers pride themselves on understanding and empathizing with women dealing with family law matters, understanding how personal and stressful these types of cases can be to our clients.

Contacting Skillern Firm is the first step to finding your compassionate Greater Houston divorce attorney and the right legal services for your situation.

What Types of Divorce can Skillern Firm Divorce Lawyers Help You With?

Contested Divorce

Unfortunately, a divorce is rarely an easy and harmonious process, and contested divorces are very commonplace. During a marriage, assets and affairs become entwined, and it is usually a complicated process to divide these fairly amongst spouses. Similarly, divorcing couples often disagree on topics such as child custody, spousal support, and the division of assets. With these sensitive and emotionally charged subjects, it can be challenging to reach an agreement during the divorce process.

As a result of these challenging negotiations and agreements, contested divorces are usually a lengthy and expensive process. Skillern Firm divorce lawyers are equipped with the skills to effectively represent your interests and convince the other party that your terms are reasonable, using supporting evidence where required and reaching an agreement as quickly as possible for you.

If an agreement can not be reached during the negotiation of a contested divorce, the final step will be a trial in family court. Lawyers with a legal specialization in divorce are skilled in negotiation, can highlight weaknesses in the other party’s argument, and can often reach a satisfactory settlement without the need for a trial in a family law court.

Divorce with Children

When children are involved in a divorce, inevitably, it becomes a sore subject, one where emotions run high. Child custody and visitation time are just some of the issues that will need to be agreed upon within a divorce involving children. Divorce lawyers can anticipate the range of complexities that may arise in these situations and ensure that the best interests of both you and your children are heard from an objective standpoint during the divorce process.

High-Asset Divorce

Divorces concerning high-assets and high net-worth can become much more complicated when it comes to separating assets and property between the divorcing couple. If there is no existing marital agreement, then valuators will value and categorize assets into either separate or community property. With a large number of assets, this process becomes far more complicated.

Texas is one of nine community property states in America, and this means that in family law in Texas, any property that has been purchased or obtained during the duration of the marriage is considered to be community property. This will have a profound impact on the division of property between spouses.

In order to prove that a property acquired during the marriage is not community property, evidence will need to be provided to the court. Reputable divorce attorneys will advise you and help you provide your evidence, and ensure that the outcome of your high-asset divorce is fair and meets the needs of both you and your family.

Community property law is complex and varies from state to state. A skilled family law attorney will be familiar with how these laws impact you and your estate in your divorce in Hunters Creek Village, Texas, and will advise you accordingly.

Legal Separation

Legal separation is the process in which a married couple chooses to live apart from each other but remain married in the eyes of the law. Legal separation requires formal legal proceedings under family law to amend the marital relationship by operation of the law. Often this option is chosen to enable both parties to maintain life or health insurance benefits, or for religious beliefs. Under a legal separation, neither spouse can remarry.

However, although recognized in some states, legal separation is not recognized in the state of Texas. This means that until a divorce has officially taken place, the two individuals are still considered married under Texas law. This will remain in place until the final signing of the divorce papers is completed by the family court. This can have implications for expected duties of marriage and marital division of properties, until the divorce has been finalized.

What Complications are Possible in a Contested Divorce?


A substantial part of the divorce process involves negotiation. Effective and clear communication between both parties is essential for a successful and timely divorce.

However, in contested divorces, communication can break down as disagreements arise and emotions run high. In these circumstances, it is necessary to address this legally with the support of your family law attorney.

False Allegations

When negotiating elements of a divorce, such as child custody and spousal support payments, spouses can raise false allegations in order to sway the negotiations in their favor. In these circumstances, your attorney will work with you to gather the evidence to dispute these claims and ensure that you are accurately represented and treated fairly throughout the process.

Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, domestic violence and abuse does occur in marriages, and many women and men have been victims of these situations. In addition to your divorce proceedings, an experienced family law attorney can help and support you straight away in these situations.

This injunction will allow you to have space and peace of mind while your lawyer continues to file for your divorce while you focus on the safety and well-being of yourself and your family. Please seek help and notify your local authorities immediately when it comes to issues of domestic violence and abuse.

Recent years have also seen an increase in false domestic abuse claims in an attempt to discredit the spouse. Your Skillern Firm family law attorney will have experience with these issues in family law cases and can help to overturn these claims ensuring that they do not impact your settlement.

A divorce is a highly sensitive and stressful event with a range of legal considerations. A contested divorce is rarely simple and without complication. However, a skilled divorce attorney can guide you through these complications, protect your interests, and ensure that you and your family receive a successful outcome.

Property Division

In Texas family law, many factors come into consideration when dealing with the property division in divorces. Texas is a just and right division state, which means that both parties involved have a right to a ‘fair’ proportion of the estate. However, numerous factors are taken into consideration when deciding what constitutes a ‘fair’ proportion.

Factors that influence this decision include whether either party is at fault for the breakdown of the marriage, such as infidelity, as well as your financial earning potential and any debt you may have.

It is unlikely that your divorce will be immediately agreeable when you are both deciding on what equates to a fair division of property, however your family lawyer is best placed to see that you receive fair treatment and recognition of your needs in the decision.

Recovery of Attorney Fees

In some divorces, your spouse may have more financial resources to access, which could result in them filing petty claims against you.

If this happens to you, it may be possible for your divorce lawyer to request that the Judge order them to pay the cost of your attorney fees. This is not guaranteed, and the decision lies with the Judge. Your family law attorney can assist with these requests if your divorce is causing you financial issues as a result of your spouse’s misconduct.

Child Custody

As a woman with a family, it is likely that one of your major concerns at the time of your divorce is the arrangements for custody of your children. Custody of children is often a sensitive subject within a divorce and is likely to be an area where divorcing couples struggle to reach an agreement.

In Texas family law, it is fair to presume that both parents would be designated as “joint managing conservators” of their children. However, this can be altered depending on the evidence that is presented to the court. In some cases where child custody is contested, additional evidence from third-party sources may be required to assist the court in making a decision, especially regarding primary custody. A family law attorney will guide you through this process and work with you to find supporting evidence if required.

As a parent, your children are your first priority, and nothing is more important than their well-being, which should be put above all else. Due to the sensitive nature of child custody cases, legal advice and representation from your family law attorney is an essential element in this process to achieve the best outcome for your children. Your attorney can provide an objective and unbiased viewpoint, ensure that the needs of your children are prioritized and find an outcome that is in the best interests of your child or children.

Do I Have to Go to Court During my Divorce?

Usually, in divorce cases, it is not unlikely that you will attend court in person. However, a range of processes will take place outside of the courtroom, such as negotiation and mediation, which will focus on settling issues such as financial matters.

If, through these processes, it is not possible to reach an agreeable settlement between parties, your divorce lawyer will provide advice and represent you through any necessary court appearances. If you are represented by Skillern Firm, a premium divorce lawyer will always fight for the settlement that you deserve, both inside and outside the courtroom.

How Long Can I Expect my Divorce to Take?

Initially, when filing for divorce, in most cases, there is a mandatory waiting period after the divorce has been filed. In Texas, this is 60 days. This waiting period is to provide both parties with the opportunity to change their minds and not proceed with the divorce if they choose not to do so. 

It is understandable that you would like your divorce proceedings to be completed as quickly as possible, however, it is important that all negotiations are carefully considered, and no snap decisions are made. A premium divorce lawyer understands the impacts of every decision made throughout your divorce and will ensure that all decisions are carefully considered, based on sound evidence, and will support your best interests in the future.

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Texas family law and the divorce process can be challenging and confusing to navigate at what is already a very stressful time. Our team has practiced law and provided dedicated representation for women in divorce and family law issues for many years, meaning they can provide you with the best quality legal services for your situation and needs. Let our team of highly reputable and experienced family lawyers guide you through this process and secure a fair settlement for the future for both you and your family.

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