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Studies have shown that children stand a much better chance of a healthy development when they have access to both parents. This means that when parents divorce, it is usually within the child’s best interest for the father to have equal visitation rights to the mother in child custody decisions wherever it is possible.

In divorces that involve a lot of conflict, decisions may be made that affect the relationship between the child and the father, which is why it is so important to obtain legal representation during the divorce process. A Katy father’s rights lawyer will fight for your rights and will ensure you are treated fairly and equally.

Remember, court orders are legal matters. However, your visitation rights are also court mandated, and this means your ex-spouse cannot withhold your visitation in Katy, TX.

If your circumstances have changed, and the orders you are included in are no longer realistic, you need to contact an attorney immediately. They can help you seek a modification; it also reduces the conflict between you and your ex-spouse, as you are handling things in the correct manner and less conflict is always better for everyone involved.

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We handle all matters involving father’s rights, including child custody, and visitation.

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Father’s Rights In Katy, TX

Texas law is clear. If you are the named legal father of your child, you have a number of parental rights that must be recognized. Texas law places equal value on each parent and neither parent will receive preferential treatment based on their gender. Both parties have equal rights when it comes to fighting for visitation, custody or conservatorship.

However, if you are not the legal father, which applies to biological fathers who were not married to the child’s mother at the time of birth, you do not have the legal rights discussed above. In this situation you will have to formally establish your paternity, either through a DNA test or with a signed document from both parents.

If you need to prove your paternity and your ex-spouse is being uncooperative, you should contact an attorney who will help you fight for your right to be declared the legal father.

Who Is Considered A Father In Texas?

In Texas, the term paternity is used for fatherhood and is automatically assumed if the couple is married. If the couple is not married, paternity may still be established if the father is either named on the birth certificate, voluntarily declares his paternity and promises to support the child via written document.

If a child is born to a couple that never marries, paternity is presumed when:

  • The father expresses the child as his own to others 
  • The father lived in the same household with the child continuously for the first two years of their life

If paternity is not assumed when the child is born or before the divorce, the father will need to establish their paternity legally to obtain the rights given to the legal father.

Establishing Paternity In Texas

In order to establish paternity in Texas state, there are two methods for a man who is not legally recognized as the father.

The first is when the father gives consent for a DNA paternity test. A DNA paternity test is often the court-ordered method if there is a disagreement between spouses. These tests are around 99% accuracy and if the test comes back positive, the Attorney General will finalize that you are the legal father of your child.

Acknowledgement Of Paternity

An AOP or Acknowledgement of Paternity is a legal document that allows the mother and the father of the child to write up a document that designates the biological father as the legal father. This can be used by parents who weren’t married when the child was born.

Your attorney will assist you when it comes to filing your AOP as it must be done with a certified entity.

Can My Child’s Mother Withhold Visitation Rights?

Visitation arrangements are court orders and must be followed to the letter.

Visitation from both parents where both parents are willing, is always the preferred agreement and will be what the courts push for. Access to both parents increases the child’s chance of a healthy development and reduces the displacement of a divorce.

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As a father, you have every right to see your child and every right to a fair agreement following a divorce. If you find yourself in a situation where your ex-spouse is becoming difficult and withholding visitation, contact Skillern Firm today for immediate assistance.

Our team of dedicated fathers rights lawyers will help mediate between you and your spouse, hopefully preventing the need for court involvement. If this is not possible, we will fight on your behalf in court, seeking a modification of your order, or presenting evidence that your ex-spouse is withholding visitation.

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