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Houston Adoption Attorneys Helping Parents Navigate The System

Happy family of four with adopted child. Our Houston adoption attorneys are excited to help guide you through the adoption process.

Adopting a child is a momentous personal decision. Once you have decided that adoption is right for you, there are many practical factors to consider. Many adoptive parents face difficulties in their journey to care for a child.

Skillern Firm partners with hopeful parents throughout the adoption process. Our family law attorneys work to identify and resolve potential complications before they surprise you. Finally bringing your child home can be one of the most precious moments in life. We want to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Flexible Counsel Based On Your Goals And Needs

At Skillern Firm, we help soon-to-be parents with a variety of adoption cases, including:

  • Stepparent adoption: As a parent or stepparent, you might decide that it is time to take the next step to solidify your family. However, if another biological parent is still in the picture, adoption could be difficult. You may also have questions about child support and the other parent’s rights. We can help.
  • Private adoption: If you are seeking a private adoption, you may encounter a variety of issues or questions. We can help you understand the difference between open or closed adoption and what each type means for you and your potential child.
  • International adoption: Adopting a child from another country is a highly complex process. Our lawyers can assist you with all details, including visa matters.
  • Same-sex couple adoption: When individuals or couples are seeking to adopt, they might, unfortunately, face resistance due to their sexuality. However, we can help you overcome the unique obstacles in your path.

Depending on your situation, you may require highly customized legal services. Our attorneys can provide advice and support according to your needs.

Experienced and Passionate Attorneys Helping Make Adoption Easier in Houston, TX

Our skilled legal team works together to bring the best possible solutions to our clients for adoption and other legal needs. To meet with us, call (713) 229-8855 or email our office serving the Greater Houston area.