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Sophisticated High-Asset Divorce Representation

Every divorce is different, and each case has unique needs. If you and your spouse own significant community property, you will need to proceed carefully. Preserving the value of your assets while reaching a fair outcome can be a delicate task.

At Skillern Firm, we have in-depth knowledge and experience to find solutions for high-asset divorces. In addition to child-related issues and other divorce matters in Texas, we possess the skills to effectively evaluate and protect critical assets. Let us guide you forward.

With Complex Or Valuable Property, The Stakes Rise

Certain kinds of assets require a sensitive and thorough approach in divorce, including:

Not only must you identify all community assets, but you must also make sure that each asset receives the correct valuation. Undervaluing an item or account could lead to an unfair division. Furthermore, the value of assets could determine other matters such as spousal maintenance and child support orders.

Whether you need a QDRO to divide retirement savings or a way to locate and recover hidden assets, we can help. With thorough attention to detail, our team of family law attorneys will work to achieve positive results for you.

Begin Planning For Divorce Today

The asset division process can be overwhelming – especially if you have belongings that are important to you. Based in Houston, Skillern Firm protects our clients and strives to meet their goals. We can discuss your divorce needs at (713) 229-8855. You can also contact us through our website to schedule a consultation.