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Can a legal agreement make your marriage better?

Apr 22, 2021 | Premarital and Postmarital Agreements

People rarely consider marital contracts to be romantic. However, having a prenuptial agreement can actually have a positive impact on your impending union. So, even though it might not be romantic, a prenup can be one way to make your marriage more harmonious.

How is this possible?

A prenup sets financial expectations

A prenuptial agreement allows parties to keep certain assets and debts separate, protecting them from division in a divorce. When you do this, you can minimize financial arguments in the future. And for many couples, fights about money are high on the list of reasons they ultimately divorce.

Thus, establishing expectations and protections from the beginning can help both parties feel more secure.

You enter a marriage with eyes open

One of the most upsetting discoveries spouses have after marriage is that they have very different financial attitudes and resources from each other. One party may be a spender while the other is a saver. One person may have a lot more debt than the other person realized. 

You can avoid these unfortunate surprises by addressing financial matters before marriage. It can be uncomfortable, but this discussion can get both parties on the same page.

It can ease family concerns

When two people marry, their families join together, as well. Therefore, stepchildren, parents and siblings you own a business with can all have a financial stake in your union. 

When you have a prenup, you not only protect your individual assets but your family assets, as well. You can keep family businesses intact and ensure your children receive any inheritance you might have for them with a legal agreement. When your family feels protected, they can be more supportive of your marriage.

With this in mind, Texas couples might think about a prenuptial agreement as a marital tool rather than a weapon. And the more tools you have, the better prepared you can be to navigate the ups and downs of marriage.