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Blindsided by a divorce? How to respond

Nov 17, 2020 | Divorce

Not every divorce comes after years of struggle and unhappiness in a marriage. There are times when a divorce seems to come out of the blue.

If you are in this position, you may have no idea what you should do. Do you move out? Do you fight back? How can you protect yourself and move forward when you never saw this coming?

Assess your legal and financial situations

The chances are that if you are blindsided by a divorce filing, you did not have the opportunity to prepare the same way as people with some warning might prepare. As such, acting quickly to protect assets and educate yourself about your rights will be crucial. Talk to an attorney and financial advisor to get a handle on your situation and options.

Further, depending on your circumstances, your divorce may be contested or uncontested. The process for responding to and finishing a divorce in Texas will be different based on the type of divorce.

Give yourself time to respond

Emotional responses can undoubtedly be justified when you learn your ex wants a divorce. That said, lashing out in anger and making threats can be unwise, as can agreeing to something you shouldn’t out of fear or guilt.

When it comes to moving out, going to court, making custody arrangements and paying spousal support, give yourself some room to think about what you want and what you deserve before making decisions. Taking time also allows you to discuss these matters with your lawyers and advisors before you do or say something you might later regret.

Seek out support

Learning that your spouse wants a divorce can be hurtful and frightening, especially if you were unprepared. However, you are not alone. There are online communities and groups across Texas that provide a supportive network of people who have been through this very situation before. And even if friends and family were also caught off guard by divorce, they can help support you during this time.

Fostering personal and professional connections can help individuals find their grounding as well as critical support.

While a divorce may be unexpected, you can still take control of the situation and navigate it successfully.