Harris County and Family Law Court Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Family Court Ordered Parenting Classes

In contested divorces, the courts in Harris County and its surrounding counties (Fort Bend, Montgomery, etc.) often require both parents take a parenting class. Failing to take this class can result in the finalization of your custody case or divorce being delayed or, worse, your custodial rights being removed until you become compliant with the court’s order. This Parenting Class List is provided to help parents in these counties find an approved parenting class that works with their schedule and finances. Keep in mind that this is a standard outcome of many family cases and a requirement that is expected by the Family Court.

Contacting Family Courts

Contact information and location for the various courts presiding over family law cases in Harris County, Fort Bend County, and Montgomery County can be found on the internet or perhaps on documents you have received from the court. Check the county’s website for the court contact information. You may need to have your case number handy as these courts are extremely busy.


Other Resources

Same Sex Marriages and Relationships

In the state of Texas there is much debate over same sex marriage. It is true that you cannot be married if your are a same sex couple at this time. There are other issues though such as same sex marriages from another state where the couple now resides in Texas. How is property divided and other issues settled? There are a steady stream of challenges being made in the court system to test these laws with the intention of getting further clarification in these matters.


Representing Yourself – Going Pro Se without Legal Counsel

There are considerations and potential pitfalls to be aware of when deciding to represent oneself in a divorce, custody dispute, or other family law case. Any person is able to represent himself or herself in a family law case and that is their right. Most family lawyer houston would suggest seeking counsel to make sure your are represented by a person experienced in this area of the law.