Skillern Firm is located in Houston, Texas, and is one of the premier, local family law firms with years of experience in a variety of family law issues including divorce and child custody. Our group of fierce, compassionate family law attorney will relentlessly work hard to find the solution for your legal situation. We want you to be satisfied with the outcome of your case, and our associates want to help you move on with your life.

Let Houston’s Family Law Attorney Help You

Handling a divorce and other family law matters can be both a very emotionally and financially trying time for you and your family. At Skillern Firm, we work hard to keep you abreast of your case. We know that every situation is different and we tailor our representation to meet your individual needs. Our ultimate goal is to help you amicably resolve your family law disputes–preferably through mediation; but, if and when necessary, we are ready to fight for you.

Our Family Law Attorney Are Here for You

We understand the importance of your day-to-day responsibilities as well as the difficulties you are facing with this legal matter. Our family law practice specifically works with working professionals and their schedules. We provide you with 24/7 online access to your case through a secure account. Our Houston family law firm is highly responsive and we’re here and ready for your call 5 days a week to address any concerns you may have.

Personalized Attention from Our Family Law Attorney

Being a boutique Houston, Texas law firm, we’re better equipped to give you the personalized attention that your case needs. Whether you’re dealing with property division issues, child custody, or a divorce, or all of the above, your lawyer from Skillern Firm will give the full attention and legal expertise that you deserve. Knowing that this legal issue is taking a high priority in your life, our law office will make your case a high priority as well.

Premarital and Postmarital Agreements

Although most people do not get married to obtain a divorce later, premarital and postmarital agreements can help with the unexpected dissolution of a marriage. This type of agreement is especially helpful when considering what assets to bring into a marriage. You also may have been approached by your future spouse to do this. Whoever initiated this agreement, it’s of great importance to have an experienced divorce attorney to look over the agreement, explore the financial ramifications, and to advise you on the next best steps to take moving forward. to take moving forward.

Divorce: An End and a New Beginning

A divorce is probably something you did not foresee happening. You could be reeling from this new reality—whether you initiated or your spouse. As painful and as difficult a divorce can be, whether it is contested or uncontested, our divorce attorneys can provide you support and expert legal guidance all the way through to the end. We can help answer those nagging questions that are troubling you: “What will happen to me? My children? Our home?” A skilled and dedicated divorce attorney from our law offices will help you get to the other side as smoothly and as easily as possible, so you can start over fresh with a new life.

Property Division Matters in a Divorce

In Texas, communal property between spouses usually involves everything except gifts or inheritances. The equitable division of property between you and your ex-spouse can be quite complex, but with the extensive legal experience of Attorney Matthew Skillern and the business acumen of Attorney Tristan Longino, you can rest assured that we can help you to protect your assets as you go through your divorce.

After a Divorce: Spousal Support and Alimony

Although alimony can be agreed to by both parties, because Texas is a communal property state, spousal support or spousal maintenance is what is awarded instead. How long these payments are made is usually limited, and the eligibility rules are changed on occasion by Texas lawmakers. Because these rules can be complex to navigate and argue in court, it’s imperative to have the most experienced divorce attorney Houston has to offer, in order to help with spousal support.

Child Custody: Securing Your Rights

Child custody battles can be fraught with intense and unwanted legal actions. At the Skillern Firm, our Houston family law attorneys can provide fiercely advocate to protect your parental rights in family court. If you have been unable to see your child or children during divorce proceedings, our lawyers can fight for your rights.

Child Support

Whether you’re the obligated party who has to pay child support, or the parent who receives child support, our family law attorney will thoroughly look over your case to make sure that your net income is correctly calculated. The net income of both parties is crucial to determining the amount of child support paid per month.


Adoption can be a complicated process because of parental rights being terminated by the biological parents (e.g., one parent may not have been given proper notice). This can put an adoption in jeopardy if a case isn’t handled properly. You’ll want our Houston family law attorney to painstakingly assess your case.

Whether you’re dealing with a divorce, a child custody battle, a prenuptial agreement, or you’re trying to determine paternity, our family law attorney can go to work for you and help you to protect your rights. To learn how the Skillern Firm can help you, contact our office today. We will connect you with an attorney for a consultation.