The parent who pays child support can seek to reduce those payments if he or she loses his or her job or is forced to take a lower-paying job. The parent who receives child support can seek to increase those payments if the payor’s income increases. The person seeking to modify typically has to wait three years after the last order if seeking to modify solely because of a change in the amount that would now be owed unless a material and substantial change in circumstances has occurred.  Consult with a Houston modification lawyer from Skillern Firm PLLC regarding the specific facts of your case. 

Modification of Child Custody and Visitation

Who designates the child’s residence, visitation by a party, and decision-making rights may be changed if there is material and substantial change in the circumstances of either parent or the child. Whether to grant a requested change is up to the judge in the case, but the following can be reasons for seeking a change:

  • If a parent engages in bad behavior such as using drugs
  • If a parent becomes uninvolved or totally absent
  • If a parent is oppositional or the parents are unable to reach decisions
  • Relocations that would affect a parent’s visitation rights might require a modification of the child custody and visitation agreement.

Any requested changes will be considered by the court in light of whether the requested change would be a positive improvement for the child.