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Houston Father’s Rights and Child Support Lawyer

In Houston Texas, there should be no bias given to either gender in any family law matter. Instead, what is best for the child and what evidence is shown should provide the basis for any decision. Many fathers come to us here at Skillern Firm under the misconception that they are at a disadvantage for being the father when it comes to fighting for child custody, or to seek fairer treatment in terms of their child support payments. Often, they believe the child’s mother will get favorable treatment.

Thankfully, this is not the case. Every Judge in the state of Texas is trained to know that they cannot make a decision based on gender bias. Instead, they must look at the facts and the evidence. Fathers and mothers have equal rights going into the discussion and must prove that their claims are warranted. If you are concerned about child support arrangements, seeking representation from a skilled Houston father’s rights lawyer is the smartest move to make. They will have experience dealing with cases just like yours and will know what fair and reasonable child support payments and agreements should look like.

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Here at Skillern Firm, our team of skilled fathers’ rights lawyers has a wealth of experience to draw upon. Utilizing their previous knowledge, they can skillfully deal with your case, mediating, negotiating, and fighting, if necessary, on your behalf. As a family law firm, our number one goal is to ensure that your father’s rights are protected and that your children’s needs are prioritized by everyone involved. Call us on (936) 213-8479 to speak to an experienced family law attorney today.

Best Interests of the Child in Child Support Decisions

Every Texas courtroom is trained to make decisions with the child’s best interest in mind. The children are the priority and that means any decisions should result in their needs being met in the best way possible. This means that all decisions will be made, based on what is best for the child, regardless of the gender of the parents. It does not matter if you are the legal mother, fighting for custody, or the legal father, fighting for fairer child support payments, the Judge will look at all factors and evidence before making a decision.

How Does the Court Determine Child Support Payments in Houston, Texas

To determine the amount of child support that needs to be paid, the court will look at the non-custodial parent’s income. By looking at your monthly income and making certain deductions, the courts will determine what is a fair amount to pay. The income figure will include your wages, commissions, salary, and your tips. Certain factors may influence the amount determined, such as the child attending private school or having medical needs or a disability. Usually, the custodial parent does not have to pay child support. Child support is meant to equal the costs of meeting the child’s needs, such as housing, food, and support.

Modifying Your Texas Child Support Payment Arrangement

While a child support agreement is a decree that can be hard to change, it can be modified in certain circumstances. Reasons for having a child support agreement modified can include a drastic change in circumstances, such as losing a job, developing a disability, or a new marriage and children. If you are seeking a change due to a drop in income, you will need to evidence this to convince the courts your circumstances have changed enough to warrant a modification.

Enforcing Child Support

Child support arrangements are court orders that must be followed by all of the parties mentioned within. This means that you cannot simply decide to pay child support because you think it is unfair or too much. If you engage in this behavior, the courts may just force you to pay a lump sum payment to catch up or may increase your payments so that you catch up over time. If you think you are paying too much, your best option is to seek the help of an experienced Texas father’s rights lawyer. One who is skilled and knowledgeable in court order modification procedures.


Q: Who Has to Pay Child Support?

A: Under Houston, TX law all parents have a duty to financially support their children. This means that after a divorce, parents are still obligated to ensure those needs are met. This usually means one party will pay the party who has primary custody child support.

Q: How Do the Courts Determine Payment Amounts?

A: The courts will usually look at the income of the non-custodial parent. They will then make any relevant deductions and take into account any special needs of the child, such as private school education or medical needs. They will then work out a payment schedule that is fair and reasonable based on that sum.

Q: Can I Modify a Support Agreement?

A: Child support court orders can be modified if the paying party can show evidence that their circumstances have drastically changed. They may also be changed if both parents are in agreement. Child support agreement changes will usually require a period of 3 years to have passed before they can be modified.

Q: What If I Miss a Payment?

A: Missing child support payments on a regular basis, or on purpose can have serious effects. The occasional missed payment will not be a problem as long as you make them up but if the issue is raised to the court and they see fit, they can impose a lump sum payment or a pay increase until you catch up. In the worst cases, the courts may put you in contempt of court and serve a criminal warrant for your arrest.

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These decisions are extremely important, and the outcome of them may affect you for years to come. For that reason, it is important that you seek legal representation from a team with experience and skill in dealing with similar cases. Here at Skillern Firm, our team of Texas Houston father’s rights lawyers has won favorable results for numerous past clients. We are ready to fight on behalf of our clients and will not rest until we believe you are being treated fairly and reasonably.

We put a high value on our attorney-client relationship and will fight aggressively to preserve your father’s rights. We want to protect the father-child relationship, which means fighting for a result that leaves you happy and keeps your child’s future intact. We cover the Houston, Texas, San Antonio, Texas, Wichita Falls, Texas, and Corpus Christi, Texas areas.

So give us a call today at (936) 213-8479 to speak to an experienced Texas father’s rights lawyer.