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Divorce is never a pleasant experience, and it can take an emotional and financial toll on everyone involved. However, it is vital to remember that, as well as being stressful, it is also a legal matter. As with anything of this nature, it is best to seek out legal representation at the earliest possible opportunity, as divorce lawyers can ensure you get what you’re entitled to and that your rights are respected at every stage.

Consider that every divorce in Piney Point Village will involve attending court at least once, even the least complex cases will often appear in front of a Judge for verification and the final decree.

Something as simple as a mistake on the paperwork can make an already difficult time even more challenging, which is why a family law lawyer from Skillern Firm will stand by you every step of the way, no matter the legal matters involved. We’re always on hand to not only provide legal services to our clients in the Piney Point Village area, but to work in your very best interests towards the most positive outcome.

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Deciding Between No-Fault and At-Fault Divorce

We advise speaking to a lawyer at the earliest possible opportunity. While it is never too late to appoint an attorney to assist with your family law issues, their insight and expertise can be valuable even before filing. One significant decision for clients is whether to pursue a no-fault or at-fault divorce.

No-Fault Divorces

Texas law is relatively flexible for those seeking a divorce. In simple terms, clients and their lawyers need no more justification for seeking a divorce than that they no longer wish to be married in the eyes of the law.

In practice, no-fault divorces are by far the most common. The process is less long-winded, and you and your attorney will be under no obligation to prove any accusations made.

At-Fault Divorces

An at-fault divorce involves an accusation by one party that the other is incapable of continuing the marriage. There are very specific grounds for at-fault divorce under Texas law, and such actions must involve one of the following conditions:

  • Domestic violence.
  • Abandonment of spouse for a period of at least a year.
  • Conviction of a felony.
  • Adultery.
  • Mental incapacitation.
  • Mental, physical, and emotional abuse beyond domestic violence.

Texas family law enables individuals and their lawyers to make these accusations, but, in practice, it is also up to them to provide evidence. Some cases are easier to prove than others, but your attorney can help in the search for proof if and when required.

Contested Divorce

A contested divorce is a divorce wherein the parties involved cannot agree on the important aspects of the agreement. If you and your spouse are arguing over child custody or spousal support, then you most likely have a contested divorce.

Without the assistance of a divorce attorney, contested divorces can quickly become expensive for all those involved. Having the courts decide for you in a hearing adds legal costs that need to be paid by both parties.

Contested divorces are not a bad thing. Often they occur because both parties are passionate about their children or the amount of support they have to pay. The best thing to do in a contested divorce is to employ a divorce attorney that is skilled in mediating and negotiation. This will allow you and your spouse to come to amicable agreements without the need for court involvement.

Making the Decision

If you’re considering an at-fault divorce, it is worth speaking to an attorney first. At-fault divorces can make the process more difficult, but successfully proving your justification can lead to benefits later in the case.

While every case is different and your attorney will advise based on the specific merits of your plan, a judge may look more favorably on the wronged party in at-fault divorces. Their decisions can span property separation, custody arrangements, and ongoing orders, among other things. As such, if you are the wronged party, successfully proving the grounds for an at-fault divorce in the eyes of the law can make a stressful situation more positive.

Divorce Lawyer for Women

Our Family Law Attorneys Are on Your Side

It is never too soon to appoint divorce lawyers, and it’s never too late either. It’s always challenging when a marriage comes to an end, no matter the circumstances, and we pride ourselves on providing not only extensive family law expertise but a personal touch.

If you have family law issues related to a divorce, call Skillern Firm’s law office today for an initial consultation. We’ll help you understand your legal options and, where required, discuss anything that may make your case more complex, such as property and child custody.

If you’re going through a divorce in the Piney Point Village area, call the family law attorneys at Skillern Firm today at 936-213-8479.

Our Family Law Practice Areas

At Skillern Firm, we understand that the last thing anyone needs when going through something as stressful as a divorce is something they cannot deal with immediately. As such, our legal services span the entirety, and our divorce lawyers work across a range of practice areas.

That means that no matter what a case involves as it develops, you can rely on your attorney to provide the support and direction you need. Our extensive practice areas include:

Child Custody

It’s not uncommon for both spouses to act in the best interests of their children during and after a legal separation. However, what constitutes their best interests does not always align. Divorce lawyers can assist clients with decisions that will impact family life going forward. Your attorney can also work with other parties involved in the case to provide a fresh perspective on what’s best for each parent.

Fathers Rights

Child Support

Regardless of who gains child custody and the right to oversee their living conditions and health and education decisions, a divorce may lead to a need for child support.

Naturally, no child should suffer following a parent’s divorce, and your attorney will be able to help establish what a child requires and how each parent should contribute so that their lives change as little as possible from when you were married.

Domestic Abuse

It goes without saying that a divorce does not need to involve criminality on the part of either spouse to be the right decision. However, domestic abuse, violence, and fraud can play a part in any marriage.

A divorce does not necessarily need to involve at-fault accusations in order to potentially involve criminal legal issues, and our Piney Point Village area family law attorneys can help you address the criminal law aspects of your case.

Division of Property

Texas is a community property state, meaning that if the outcome of a divorce is decided in a courtroom, the Judge will attempt to split assets fairly and equitably. This covers finances, houses, and anything else acquired during the marriage. Indeed, even if one spouse made a purchase, most items are considered community property under Texas law.

Some acquisitions fall outside the scope of community property. Personal gifts from outside the immediate family and inheritances, for example, will often remain the property of whoever was meant to receive them.

It can get complicated, but family law divorce lawyers can help clients understand what they should expect from a settlement and even negotiate with other parties on your behalf.

In many cases, property division applies not only to what former spouses own at the time of a divorce but potentially what they earn and acquire going forward.

Most couples have undertaken some form of estate planning prior to divorce. As noted, while marriage can be legally ended, there is not always the level of finality that a family may hope for. Commitments to children continue, and there’s a strong likelihood of intertwined financial affairs going forward – and not only through child support.

Estate planning involves pensions, wills, and other actions taken with an eye on the future. If those decisions were taken as a couple under the expectation that all parties would benefit as a family, then they may form part of divorce proceedings.

Whether you wish to protect your assets to the fullest extent of Texas family law or ensure you receive your fair share, your lawyer will work diligently to ensure a positive outcome.

Modification of Order

The legal matters surrounding a divorce do not necessarily end when the courts complete the final decree. Anything agreed or enforced by the courts with an eye on the future can also change depending on alterations in the circumstances.

For example, decisions about child or spousal support are often taken based on one individual’s current employment situation. If they lose their job, it is possible for them to return to court with their attorney to request a modification.

This possibility extends beyond financial situations, too. If both parties reach a custody agreement following their divorce, there may be expectations regarding where they live and visitation rights. If one spouse elects to move away from Piney Point Village, Harris County, or out of Texas altogether, this may require a modification.

Once again, an attorney can be crucial for this. Even if both individuals mutually agree on these changes, it may be necessary to return to court to have them legally ratified.


Legal agreements following contested divorces are common, and many people abide by what was agreed. However, when it comes to child support, custody, and spousal support, there’s always a possibility of rules being violated.

Fortunately, if you are the wronged party in one of these violations, you have the law on your side. As mentioned, divorce is as much a legal matter as a personal one, and there’s a good reason why the courts get involved at various stages in divorce proceedings.

Even if this does not result in a criminal case, any breach of a divorce agreement constitutes a reason to speak to a lawyer. If the breach can be proven, it may lead to an enforcing the order, further restricting what the guilty party can do.

In some cases, especially repeated or particularly serious breaches, the offending party may even be found in contempt of court and face the same legal implications as anyone guilty of the same offense.

What Should You Ask a Piney Point Divorce Lawyer?

One reason why we suggest that our Piney Point Village clients contact our law office for an initial consultation is that we want them to be confident that a family law attorney from Skillern Firm is right for their specific needs.

No two divorce cases are ever exactly the same, and they can vary based on asset values, the number of children, shared businesses, and more.

As such, when initiating contact with Piney Point Village divorce lawyers for the first time, we recommend asking the following:

  • What is their experience with family law and divorce cases, and do they and their law firm cover additional practice areas relevant to you?
  • Do they have testimonials from previous clients outlining how they helped them in their case?
  • Have they worked on cases similar to yours, specifically in Piney Point Village?
  • Do they do anything to go above and beyond dispensing legal advice?
  • What are their views on communication schedules, and how often can you expect to hear from them?
  • How much of the divorce case will they take responsibility for, and how much of it will you be expected to handle yourself?

At Skillern Firm, we are supremely confident that we can provide the divorce lawyers you need to overcome even the most complex contested divorces. Our firm prides itself on being at the pinnacle of family law in the Piney Point Village area, and our track record with clients ensures that every case involving our divorce lawyers leads to the best possible outcome.

When you contact our divorce lawyers for an initial consultation, we would be happy to discuss all of these questions and more. Our clients are our top priority, and we will do everything we can to ensure that a typically trying time is as manageable and comfortable as possible.

Contact Skillern Firm Today For the Legal Representation You Need

If you need divorce lawyers in the Piney Point Village area to help with your legal matters, we’re committed to working in your best interests towards the most positive outcome possible.

An experienced family law attorney is standing by to ensure the entire divorce process is as comfortable as possible.

Call our law office covering Piney Point Village to begin the process today at 936-213-8479.

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