Handling Property Related Family Law Matters

It’s important to have an equitable division of property during a divorce. Perhaps, it is important for you to have the home as you have children that need a residence. Another situation may warrant that the home be sold and the proceeds split. Each situation is different and very important to the divorcing couple. Property is the biggest asset and is important to be handled in a way where both parties can reach agreement so a final settlement can be reached.

Often times this is a challenging area to reach consensus and can be a sticking point in the process. There could be challenges in that each party wants the same property. Another issue could be fair market valuation. Assets such as stocks, mutual funds and bonds are ever changing in value. Real property such as homes and acreage can also require proper valuation. At times an appraiser may be needed to make a complete and comprehensive estimate. Whatever the challenges are, Skillern Firm is adept at guidance these situations to completion. There is no other way to reach agreement on a final decree until this difficult issue is solved.

Separate property is a special situation that often comes up in family law cases. There are some good examples of what is separate property in Texas when you consider property that was owned prior to entering into marriage. Another example that comes up is inheritance. Though the inheritance may have happened while married, the state of Texas still considers that separate property. It’s important to maintain records of separate property. In a divorce case you may have to prove that the property is indeed separate.