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Tips to prepare for your first holiday season after divorce

Nov 12, 2021 | Divorce

Whether you recently finalized your divorce or are still going through one, the upcoming holiday season can be a source of great stress and uncertainty.

If you feel apprehensive about the coming weeks, consider the following ways tips to make the holidays more enjoyable.

Set your schedule

Planning your holiday schedule can help you avoid unpleasant surprises and disappointments. Consider planning details like:

  • Your child’s school and custody schedule
  • Whether you plan to take time off work
  • Vacation plans
  • Religious services and events
  • Family gatherings

You can put all this on your calendar and get a clear picture of what you have coming up.

Let go of unenjoyable traditions to start new ones

Holidays are full of traditions. And these traditions change after divorce. Give yourself permission to let go of the ones you didn’t like in favor of new ones you can enjoy.

For instance, you might treat yourself to a night out on Christmas Eve instead of going to your in-laws for dinner. And rather than buying gifts for your ex or going to their work parties, you might take a short vacation or volunteer at an organization you support.

Be kind to yourself

The holidays can be hard on everyone, regardless of their marital status. Prioritizing self-care and patience for yourself can be one of the best things you can do to get through the holiday season.

Participate in activities you enjoy; treat yourself to little luxuries, like a long bath or getting takeout; watch your favorite holiday movie with your kids.

Reach out to others

The first holiday season after divorce can be isolating, particularly when Sugar Land parents are not with their kids or when individuals no longer have the same family and friends in their life.

Isolation can make a difficult time even harder, so reach out to others in the coming weeks. Reconnect with old friends and spend time with your family. You might connect with a support group or talk to a therapist to help you through these complicated situations.

Finally, remember that the holidays – like every challenging experience – will eventually be over. And on the other side of them is a new year and the chance to make a fresh start.