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10 Reasons to Work With the Best Divorce Attorney in Houston, TX

Oct 8, 2021 | Divorce

Divorce raises all kinds of questions that can leave you feeling emotionally exhausted. Who will get the house? How will time with your children be divided? Will you have to give up your grandmother’s heirloom furniture set? Hiring the best divorce attorney in Houston, TX, can help you answer these questions and calm your worried mind.

10 Reasons to Work With the Best Divorce Attorney in Houston, TX

1. Cool Tense Emotions

Most people choose to hire the best divorce attorney they can find because they want to tip the outcome in their favor. But an experienced, level-headed professional can also remove emotions from your case to focus on what’s important. Couples tend to start fighting even if the divorce started amicably. For instance, you may find yourself arguing with your spouse about the division of assets and/or custody of minor children.

A divorce lawyer can serve as a third-party voice of reason. They’ll diffuse the tension that is keeping you up at night and help you and your spouse identify solutions you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. And, finally, they can help you split assets and establish a mutually beneficial custody arrangement.

2. Take Advantage of Experience

Whether you’ve never entered a courtroom or have been in one multiple times, a lawyer still has extensive legal experience that you likely lack. They’ve seen an array of situations, arguments, and agreements, and their experience can be used to your advantage. This becomes especially important if you fear ongoing complications with the terms of your divorce.

For instance, if you both want the house, and neither of you is willing to budge, it’s critical you understand how Houston, TX, law works in this regard. An experienced attorney will provide the guidance you need so you can get on with the next chapter of your life. No matter how tumultuous your case might seem, your attorney has likely dealt with a similar situation in the past and will know how to manage yours as well.

3. Have Someone to Talk to

Regardless of who wanted the divorce, this process can bring a whirlwind of emotions. You may feel elated at one moment and deeply saddened at the next. A competent attorney can help you through these emotions and give assurance that better days are ahead. While your lawyer is a trained therapist, they can help you take decisive action in creating a bright future.

Let’s say the custody agreement your spouse has presented doesn’t work for you. Your lawyer can draft a counterclaim so you don’t feel slighted in the divorce proceedings. With their guidance, you’ll soon start to feel more confident and understand that you do have a voice. A lawyer can also help you manage the ups and downs of your divorce so you can continue to work, care for your children, and care for yourself.

4. Avoid Costly Mistakes

When you feel frustrated, it’s easy to vent in ways that seem harmless. For instance, you might talk badly about your partner on social media, say hurtful things to your in-laws, or even make threats that you don’t intend to carry out. But doing any of these things can paint you in a bad light to the court and even damage your case.
On the other hand, having an attorney at your side helps you process emotions without making costly mistakes. A lawyer can help put petty arguments in perspective and provide the advice you need to stop acting out in anger.

5. Enjoy a More Level Playing Field

If your spouse has already hired a divorce attorney, you absolutely need representation. But not just any representation. You need an attorney who can appropriately bargain with the other lawyer and calmly advocate on your behalf.
Without this assistance, you’ll soon get lost in the shuffle. You may agree to unclear or unfavorable terms without understanding what you’re doing. Worse, you may feel pressured to give up what you do want. An attorney will level the playing field so that your interests are protected – and so you feel like an equal player in the proceedings.

6. Understand the Legal System

Divorce can seem straightforward. You fill out your paperwork, submit it to the courthouse, and wait for your day before the judge. The actual process, however, requires far more diligence than you may at first think. You must make agreements, draft arguments, and meet crucial deadlines, or you risk having your case dismissed by the court.
The best divorce attorneys in Houston, TX, know exactly how to manage these tasks. They’re well-versed in what forms need to be signed when to eliminate the potential for errors. This ensures your divorce proceeds smoothly, with less stress for you and your spouse.

7. Benefit From Expert Arguments

The idea of presenting your case before a judge can seem quite intimidating. You may forget what to say or even get lost in the context of your own argument. With a lawyer at your side, however, you can forget these worries and focus on your and your family’s well-being.

A lawyer will skillfully handle negotiations with your spouse’s attorney and verbalize your needs to the judge. Your lawyer will even coach you on the appropriate responses to give the judge. This means that rather than dread the finalization of your divorce, you can start your personal path to healing.

8. Unload Personal Documents

A divorce puts enough on your plate without having to worry about long hours sifting through family paperwork. Instead, you can give this task to your lawyer, who will review any and all documents you provide and choose those that are relevant to the divorce proceedings. Not only is this more efficient, but it also prevents you from having to relive marriage memories during an already painful time.

Giving personal documents to your lawyer also prepares them to present your case to the judge (if necessary). They’ll have a clearer understanding of finances that can in turn help them argue for the proper division of assets.

9. Save Time

With repeated struggles and disagreements, your divorce could take months or even years to finalize. And the longer the proceedings draw out, the more frustrated you’re likely to become.

Hiring an attorney can save time by ensuring the necessary forms are completed and that proper proceedings are scheduled. This accomplishes two tasks: it keeps your divorce on track with the court and gives your spouse less opportunity to delay the outcome if they had a mind to do so. You can therefore look forward to less time spent arguing and more time starting your life fresh.

10. Understand the Law

You may know others who have gone through the divorce process, but everyone’s situation is unique. What applied to your friend’s case may not hold true for your own. To compound matters, divorce laws are complex and differ from state to state. You, therefore, need an experienced attorney who understands Texas laws and can apply them accordingly to your case.

A great divorce attorney can turn an emotional roller coaster into an event that soon opens new doors. They will help you prepare for situations you couldn’t have predicted and navigate the legal system – all while providing the personal and emotional support you need. If you’re looking for a team that will fight for you, you’re in the right place. Contact Skillern Law, PLLC, today and get answers to your questions.