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Mistakes that violate your divorce decree

Sep 7, 2021 | Divorce

Securing a divorce decree can mark the end of a difficult process; it is also the beginning of a new chapter. One thing that can affect what this new chapter might look like is whether parties comply with their divorce decree.

However, parties across Sugar Land sometimes violate this court order. Whether these mistakes are intentional or not, they have consequences. As such, it is crucial to make a concerted effort to avoid them.

Financial mistakes

Some of the financial missteps people make after their divorce include:

  • Missing child or spousal support payments
  • Selling assets that you do not have permission to sell
  • Failing to make credit card or mortgage payments
  • Withholding property your ex received in the divorce
  • Giving in to an ex’s demands or requests for money

These and other mistakes involving money happen for several reasons. Individuals may be new to managing finances or property; they may be angry about the court order; they may not know what else to do.

Child care mistakes

Court violations involving children can be among the most serious, particularly when they are intentional. Some examples of the mistakes parents make after divorce include:

  • Not complying with the custody or visitation schedule
  • Manipulating a child to turn them against the other parent
  • Failing to communicate with the other parent regarding important child-related matters
  • Being overly lax in schedules

Not only can these mistakes violate a court order, but they can also adversely affect a child’s well-being.

Other mistakes to avoid

People also make mistakes that cause problems even if they do not directly violate the divorce decree. For instance, people might neglect their health or engage in destructive behavior. They might badmouth their ex or reveal confidential information, causing conflicts that result in going back to court.

When you avoid the mistakes discussed in this post, you can avoid harsh consequences and enforcement actions like fines and penalties, loss of rights and even incarceration.

Talking to your attorney about what to expect after a divorce is final can be crucial in avoiding these missteps. You might also consider consulting financial professionals, counselors and others who can help you navigate this transition.