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Three times you may need to legally establish paternity

Jul 12, 2021 | Paternity

A parent does not need to have a biological connection to a child to be a good parent. However, establishing biological relationships can still be crucial in several situations.

When parents are unmarried

Under the state laws in Texas, a child born to unmarried parents does not have a legal father until paternity is established.

When there are no doubts about who a child’s father is, he can easily confirm paternity by completing an Acknowledgment of Paternity form. If there are doubts, the courts can order a paternity test.

When parties are unsure of parentage

One of the most upsetting situations regarding paternity is when the mother or presumed father is unsure who a child’s father is. It can be painful for a man to believe he is the father when he is not; it can be difficult for a child to grow up unsure of who their father is.

Thus, if parents are unsure of who a child’s biological father is, confirming it with a DNA test will be crucial. It can provide all interested parties with the information they need to make medical, legal and financial decisions.

When a mother wishes to pursue child support

A mother may want nothing to do with the father of her child or wish to have any ongoing relationship with him. However, if she wants him to pay child support so that her child can receive the financial support they deserve, confirming paternity will be necessary.

We should note here that confirming paternity will also give the father the right to seek custody or visitation for a child if he wishes.

Do you need to confirm paternity?

In these situations, confirming paternity can be necessary to exercise your rights and protect your child. However, there are other reasons why parents and presumed parents will want to establish paternity.

For instance, our biological backgrounds can be crucial for receiving medical treatments and understanding our risks for certain health conditions. And knowing where we come from can be a significant part of who we are and our beliefs. It can also affect things like inheritances.

Whatever reason you may have for establishing paternity, know that there are legal measures and protocols in place to help you do this.