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Divorcing in 2021? Tips to navigate it more peacefully

Jun 7, 2021 | Divorce

With the holidays and a difficult year now behind us, couples across Texas have resolved to end unfulfilling, unhappy relationships in 2021.

If you are among those taking steps to divorce this month, which some call “divorce month,” then you might consider some tips for approaching the process in a more peaceful, positive manner. 

Prioritize your well-being

During a divorce, you may have complicated decisions to make, and the process can be stressful and upsetting. It can take a tremendous toll on your personal, emotional, financial and professional life.

In the midst of all this, prioritizing your well-being can be critical. Take time to address your own needs: practice self-care and healthy habits. Doing so can improve your well-being and make it easier to cope with the challenges of a divorce.

Get help throughout this experience

Attempting to go through a divorce alone can bring on incredible stress, frustration and oversights that can be costly to resolve.

When you have help during a divorce, you can focus on yourself and your family while your attorney, financial professionals and counselors tackle the legal and economic issues.

Opt for cooperation when possible

You may not like or trust your ex; you may not see eye-to-eye on issues like child custody or property division. However, that does not mean your divorce is destined for a bitter courtroom battle. 

Often, divorcing parties can cooperate in some areas to minimize contention, even when they are angry with each other. They work with mediators or commit to a collaborative divorce to resolve issues together and without the need for litigation. By working together, you can reduce the time and cost it takes to end a marriage, and you can preserve the remaining respect and compassion that you may still have for each other.

Focus on the big picture

Life will look different after divorce. Thus, consider taking a step back periodically and thinking of what you want your life to look like next year. Do you still want to be fighting your ex in court? Will a piece of personal property still hold the same value it had during property division negotiations? Will your children feel safe and supported?

When you take the opportunity to focus on the bigger picture, you might find it easier to make difficult decisions and identify solutions that protect your best interests in the future.