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Protect yourself when divorcing a volatile ex

Mar 5, 2021 | Divorce

Divorces often have the potential to become contentious. However, when one person is volatile or irrational, the possibility that conflicts might arise can be especially high. 

If the person you are divorcing has a history of harmful behaviors or emotional instability, you can take some critical steps to protect yourself.

If you fear for your safety

As this article explains, family violence can affect the divorce process. If your ex has a history of abuse or violence, protecting yourself and your children during a divorce is vital. 

With the help of state agencies and your attorney, you can seek to waive the waiting period, secure an order for protection and award emergency custody of your children. These and other actions can keep parties safe and make it easier to divorce fairly and quickly.

If you are worried about financial misconduct

If a person hid money, overspent or was financially controlling during the marriage, there may be justified concerns about what they might do with marital funds and property when the parties divorce.

In these situations, you can protect your financial resources by freezing assets and conducting comprehensive investigations into marital assets and liabilities. You might also hire a financial professional to ensure no one is concealing or undervaluing property.

If they make false allegations

When some people feel cornered or threatened, they lash out by making false accusations against a spouse. For instance, they might wrongfully accuse a person of abuse in the hopes of getting a more favorable custody outcome or accuse someone of marital misconduct to damage reputations.

Whatever the reasons may be behind these accusations, the fact is that they can do harm during a Texas divorce. To protect yourself, keep communications with each other in writing. Refrain from engaging in arguments without witnesses or your attorney present. And retain any messages you receive from the other person where they make threats or other incriminating statements.

A divorce can be stressful enough without the added complications presented by a volatile, deceitful person. However, with these measures and the guidance of an attorney, you can navigate your divorce more smoothly and seek the fair outcomes you deserve.