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Tips for discussing a prenuptial agreement with your partner

Aug 21, 2020 | Premarital and Postmarital Agreements

Two people who are about to get married can usually talk about anything. However, that does not mean it is always easy. For instance, if you are discussing a prenuptial agreement can be uncomfortable, especially if partners do not see eye-to-eye on whether a prenup is necessary.

If you are in this situation and debating how to have this discussion, read on for suggestions to make this easier.

Pick your moment

Springing a financial conversation on someone at the wrong time can get it started on a bad foot. As such, pick the time and place to discuss a prenuptial agreement wisely.

Consider talking about it over a quiet dinner at home or when you are out for a walk. Give yourselves time to have a thoughtful discussion, and have it in a place where you both feel comfortable and can be free from distractions.

One important note is to talk about a prenup sooner, rather than later. Waiting too long could create legal complications, including the potential that Texas courts could deem it unenforceable.

Make it a conversation

Talking about a prenup should not be a declaration or threat. After all, a prenup is an agreement that two people should reach together.

To avoid the impression that you are merely making demands, keep the discussion a two-way street. Give your partner time to reflect and respond, listen to his or her concerns and be open to the questions that may arise.

Be open and honest

Prenup conversations can quickly go astray if either person is dishonest or withholding. As two people about to marry, you should be able to have a frank discussion about your financial situation.

Be prepared to talk about why you want (or do not) want a prenup and what you want to protect. Encourage your partner to do the same.

Take a practical approach forward

At the end of your discussion, make it a point to decide what you will do next. Possible next steps could include consulting individual attorneys to negotiate an agreement, meeting with a financial advisor or talking to your family.

If you run into problems or conflict when discussing a prenuptial agreement, take a break and refrain from making any decisions out of anger.

With these suggestions, it can be easier to discuss a prenup in a constructive, compassionate way.